Big Questions, Medium Coffee

Video Interview & Podcast

Intentional conversations with real business owners
in the time it takes to finish one cup

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Calling all Business Owners – from brick and mortar to digital, handmade to globally produced, products, services – if you’re charging for what you do in the world – let’s chat!

Thank you for your interest in joining our live interview – Big Questions, Medium Cup. Please fill out the form below. We have dates Sunday, Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon CST-EST.

The conversations are just that – candid looks at what it’s like to be a business owner in a variety of niches. We might talk about opportunities, obstacles, social impact, racism, ableism, injustice and how business owners deserve to be nourished as risk takers.


Create the Rules Speak & Sell - Weekly Live Classes with Q & A

After you apply, you will be sent a link to book a day in the calendar. We will meet on Zoom to do a pre-call meet and greet. I will then give you a link to join our session in Be.Live so we can stream to YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook at the same time live.

After we go live, we may edit the show in a few ways. All uses of the content is at Create the Rules Media’s discretion and may include but is not limited to the following usage:

  1. We may re-release the session as a form of ‘Pop-Up Video’ where we include additional pop up commentary, facts and content on the YouTube Channel
  2. The Pop Up video may also be on Facebook
  3. We may create a podcast series from the audio
  4. We may create a Blog post
  5. We may post audiograms on Pinterest
  6. We may release segments on IG Reels, IGTV and TikTok
  7. We may re-release at our discretion over the next few years as we redistribute content
  8. We will always point back to your website and offerings if we do post somewhere.

Because we will be using search engine optimization to maximize the reach, it really helps us to know what keywords you are working on ranking on. All of the links we create and point back to you are external links which can help you maximize your SEO efforts for your own business.

We will post social media content promoting your brand before, during and after the live and re-releases. We hope you will want to help support that by sharing to your audience as well.

If you want to know more about how you sell your products and services before, during and after the Conversation, check out our live weekly Masterclass, Speak & Sell.

Create the Rules Speak & Sell - Weekly Live Classes with Q & A