Your Application has been Submitted


Your Application has been Submitted

Thank you for your Submission

We have received your information. Now you can book your podcast time. The recording time is approximately one hour although the episode will be about 30-45 minutes.

The Format: Marissa will ask you questions about your question you chose, why you chose it, and then prompt you to tell a story, circumstance or experience when you asked yourself or had someone ask that question of you.

  • What did you notice about yourself?
  • What change or pivot did it create in your life and business?
  • Who are you now? Who are you becoming?

Then Marissa will randomly select a question from The Little Deck of Big Questions and you will explore the new question together.

The podcast is not a conversation between you and Marissa but an exploration of your story and observations that Marissa has that will be added in after to help the listener explore the question for themselves.

How to Prepare for the Podcast

  • SIGN your Podcast Release Form and Email it as soon as possible to
  • Be in a quiet spot
  • Test your Microphone.
  • Wear headphones if possible to avoid feedback on the recording.
  • If your internet access tends to be a bit spotty, can you record it on your phone (your memo app will be fine) and upload it to either google drive or dropbox after the interview
  • Have the question you chose in front of you and at least one story around the question in mind. Sometimes having bullet points of key messages in front of you can help you focus.
  • Prepare a description about you that talks about yourself, your business, your passion, your volunteer work, etc
  • Are there next steps for people to contact you or work with you if this is business related?


  • How Do You Maintain Momentum?

  • How Can You Make Your Desires a Priority?

  • What Is Your Intuition Asking You to Notice?

  • What IS Possible?

  • What Are You Waiting For?

  • Why Are Your Goals Important To You?

  • Is This True For You?

  • What Else?

  • Who Or What Does This Impact Beyond You?

  • What Will Be Your Legacy?

  • How Will You Know You Are Successful?

  • Is This a Hell Yes or a Hell No?

  • How Do You Create the Rules?

  • What Impact Does Achieving Your Goals Have on Others?

  • Why Is It Important?

  • How Are You Living On Purpose?

  • Who Are You When You Are At Your Best?

  • How Are You Successful Right Now?

  • What Do You Need to Make Someday Happen Today?

  • How Can You Invite Ease Into Your Life?

  • What Are You Thankful For?

  • Where Could You Have More Joy In Your Life?

  • WHO Can Help You Make This Even Better?

  • What Would Make You Love This Even More?

  • What Is The Gift In This?

  • How Do You Create More Momentum?

  • How Can This Be Easy?

  • What Fears Are You Working With?

  • What Do You Know for Sure?