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Write & Publish a Book in 90 Days

Write & Publish a Book in 90 Days

The current challenge is under way, but we will definitely run this again.

We can’t wait to have you join us!

The Challenge

What if we wrote a short, entertaining and digestible book in 90 days about ANY topic we wanted and put it up for sale in 90 Days?

What if we did it while not putting too much pressure on ourselves and had fun doing it too? Best case scenario – we write a book we can use to establish expertise, entertain or even make a few bucks selling it. Worst case scenario – we saw what’s possible and got our ideas out into the world.


Well I decided why not – Hot Writer Summer here I come. Then onto Hot Publisher Fall. July 25, 2022 to October 23, 2022 – PUBLISHED.


At the start of each week, you’ll get a motivational quote to keep burnout at bay, along with exclusive tips to polish your rough draft as you go!
FYI I’m taking this challenge alongside you, so we’ll have the guidance of writer friends of mine to help stay the course and maintain our bookish goals!The end of the week you’ll get a prompt to bare your primordial soul by sharing what you accomplished with the rest of us weirdos doing this too.
Then for my birthday November 5 we will have a big PUBLISHED party and toast each other for getting through this together. High five, let’s get it on!


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Your Hosts

Jessica Jaxx

Jessica Jaxx is a self-published writer of gripping flash fiction and surreal poetry. Her genres of choice are Science Fiction, Post-Modern Dystopia, and Macabre.

Currently, she’s earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing while making a living as a professional copywriter, under her business name The Rebel Copy Co.

When she isn’t writing, she’s playing various video games and having day-long TV series binge-fests or working part-time as the Lunch Lady/Grain Girl for fancy equestrians — which she remarks as “therapy to keep me sane from the blood-letting craft of writing fiction”while grinning.

Marissa Loewen

Community Catalyst, Business Strategist and Creative Entrepreneur.

Her community, Create the Rules Catalyst, is the only virtual support and strategy system that combines 1:1 and community led support.

With a corporate background in media, marketing, communications, online sales and web design, Marissa created one of the first pop up event companies in North American focusing on made-local and art sold in temporary retail shops, art galleries and large scale events, partnering with
Etsy Canada.

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