One of the best things to come out of Create the Rules Catalyst was a bit of an accidental discovery. We wanted to introduce a way that people could work on projects in the company of other members AND easily get support from the moderators in the room. Using GoBrunch, an online meeting space, we set up rooms where people could sit their avatar down and do the work.

What we soon realized is – this was also using a productivity tool called Body Doubling. Folks with ADHD often find a benefit from doing difficult or boring tasks alongside another person. I know personally, I am autistic and I have ADHD and I have been doing this without even knowing it. I love talking on the phone and cleaning the house. I work with from home with the TV on.

Both of these are using the proximity of someone nearby to get things done and complete the focus. Back to the Accelerator. Using the awesome rooms in GoBrunch the act of sitting down at the table – whether someone else was in the room or not, seemed to help with productivity. Not only was I getting some of my most complex tasks done, but I was get more tasks done. This also accounted for the hours I was a moderator in the room and had moments where I was supporting other members. Being in the room meant I could easily come back to the task I was in before helping the member.

Some of the Accelerators have mentioned that being in the room has been a game changer for them in getting their work done. Combine that with the Pomodoro timer we have going during the moderated days and you have a winning combination.


Want to learn more about the Accelerator? Come check out all of the features we currently have or check out the roadmap for upcoming features we are bringing in to the community.