Over the next few months, I would love to grow my partner network and help more small businesses implement profit plans into their business so that if we head into more economic uncertainty, we have businesses that are resilient, thriving and prosperous.

I have a membership program built around my signature system Create the Rules Profit Plan. It is built for all small businesses from brick and mortar to products to digital services. It is $499 a year for the system, monthly calls, weekly coaching prompts and a yearly planning workshop (the 2021 workshop is in November)


I have created a 45 minute customizable webinar bonus to partner with other course creators and membership site owners to offer a free bonus to your members. It can be offered live or recorded but if live, they get a chance to ask me questions as well.

You also have the option to become an affiliate partner. Meaning you can offer my full program and receive 25% of all sales from your unique link. (CTR Members receive 50% back from their sales)

Some people have asked me why I will offer this for free and not make the affiliate part mandatory.

I believe in choices. I also believe so strongly that this system changes the way small businesses prosper, that I want to get it in front of as many small businesses as possible so they thrive. If it means I do this work for free so that more businesses get solid planning, more support and a better way to consider how to make profit in their business in a way that fuels them – then I am living out the legacy I want to leave behind in the world. Even if they never buy from me, my hope is small businesses start implementing these methods in their business to build resiliency and ease.

I love when small businesses thrive. I want to see you succeed in your launches and I want your clients to succeed in building thriving, resilient businesses. Plus I love sharing in the wealth of healthy businesses which is why I create the affiliate/partner program in my business

Let’s do this together.