Be So Good, they Click

If you’re using social networks like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and Search Socials like Pinterest and YouTube, you want a really great bio page because when you drop a comment or Pin that people want more of, they are going to click on your profile picture to see more of you. It’s just curious human nature.

So you use that space fully. Put your bio, your links and whatever else they need to buy from you easily.

Especially with a site like Facebook where you can really use that space with links, additional pictures in the comments for products (with links to buy of course). Here are some ideas you can add to your profile avatars and bio spaces.

  • Link List that you keep updated
  • Links to other social media properties
  • Newsletter Opt-In link ( give it a standalone page, don’t make people go to your home page and search for it)
  • Product highlights
  • Your bio – who are you, what do you do for people and why do you do it in the best way for your clients and customers.
  • Upcoming products, launches and things you’re excited about.
  • Your FB group or private community join link.
  • Affiliate links to products or services you adore

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