What Is Your Next Big Bold Step?

What Is Your Next Big Bold Step?

What Is Your Next Big Bold Step?

This is an excerpt from the little podcast of big questions. I’m your host Marissa Loewen.

I love the question “What is your next big bold step?” because it can act in two ways. One is the calling out, you know, if you have been procrastinating or putting off something that you wanted to do for a while. What is your next big bold step really calls you out and brings it into attention  but it also helps you plan. If you don’t know your next big bold step is it can help you take some time to go back to your tools and tactics – go back to your big goals, and see if what you’re doing is actually getting you there.

Now it can also be that Call In –  are the goals, are the current tools and tactics that you’re doing right now – How do they relate to your bigger goals? How are you using them to get you closer to these bigger goals? A lot of times we mess around with just busywork, you know, if we fill in all these little tasks that keep us busy, but don’t actually get us moving toward our goal and what can that do?  That can lead to feelings of frustration and feeling like we’re failure, even though we’ve been doing a ton of things we can still feel very lazy because we’re not achieving our bigger goals or fulfilling our Legacy. So the question what is your next big bold step is really just helping you get aligned, come back to what you’re what you’re here for and what your purpose is and what you’re doing this for and that next big bold step. Is really going to take you out,  It’s going to take you in front of where you are right now. Not a needy teeny tiny step a big bold step – and that’s available for you. I’m excited to see how you use this question. What is your next big bold step and how will you use this in your life your business or your career?

What is Your Next Big Bold Step?

Sometimes the whole act of busywork gets in our way of actually achieving our goals, dreams and fulfilling our legacy. What is our next big bold step that actually ties into our smaller goals, that ties into our bigger goals? How are we aligning ourselves with our success metrics? How are we achieving what we set out to do? Be bold, be a bit bigger than you normally are. Maybe it means even stepping out of your comfort zone a little.

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