Biba Atta

Biba Atta

Biba Atta

“By recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, we can invite more positive experiences and let go of things that that do not serve us

“By recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, we can invite more positive experiences and let go of things that do not serve us well. This awareness helps us manage our energy and set boundaries to maintain a healthy space for ourselves and others.”
– Biba Atta

(0:00:02) – Exploring the Journey of Personal Evolution
(0:12:49) – The Art of Nurturing
(0:22:10) – Committing to Self-Awareness
(0:27:47) – The Power of Self Discovery
(0:36:33) – Self-Discovery and Responsibility
(0:46:56) – Relationship With Asking and Receiving Help
(0:51:58) – Receiving and Asking for Help Graciously
(1:02:11) – Receiving Help and Knowing Your Limits
(1:12:19) – Navigating Eclipse Season
(1:21:16) – Unlocking Personal Evolution With Biba
(1:25:24) – The Rug of Business Ideas

Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:02) – Exploring the Journey of Personal Evolution (13 Minutes)
In this episode, we dive deep into the world of personal evolution with Biba, a personal evolution facilitator, self-care catalyst, and energy worker. Biba shares her insights on the differences between personal growth and personal evolution, emphasizing that the latter is a more profound transformative process of change. This journey involves self-discovery, self-acceptance, and realization, which can sometimes be challenging as it involves hard lessons and deep shadow work. Biba explains how personal evolution is an ongoing process and how individuals can apply their learnings to various aspects of their lives.

(0:12:49) – The Art of Nurturing (9 Minutes)
We explore the importance of being part of a supportive community and embracing vulnerability as a way to nourish relationships. Biba shares her talent for helping people feel seen and welcomed, acknowledging the value in each person’s unique gifts and authentic selves. The conversation delves into the power of being seen, not just for our strengths but also for our imperfections, as a key factor in personal growth and connection. Biba’s journey of personal evolution is also discussed, highlighting the rollercoaster of highs and lows that accompany self-discovery and transformation’

(0:22:10) – Committing to Self-Awareness (6 Minutes)
We delve into the process of personal growth and the challenges that come with committing to self-improvement. While the desired outcomes may seem clear, such as feeling more confident or finding a loving partnership, the journey is often filled with unexpected twists and turns. The rewards may not always be what we anticipated, and the process can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our priorities. In the end, the pursuit of inner peace and self-awareness proves to be more valuable than the external goals we initially set out to achieve’

(0:27:47) – The Power of Self Discovery (9 Minutes)
We discuss the concept of co-creation and the importance of focusing on personal evolution in order to manifest our desires. Recognizing that we are the solution to our own problems, we explore the idea of changing our perceptions and interactions with the world. By shifting our focus from the outcome to the process of self-discovery, we can enjoy the journey of personal growth and create a more fulfilling life. This involves embracing vulnerability, being open to new experiences, and finding joy in the co-creation process’

(0:36:33) – Self-Discovery and Responsibility (10 Minutes)
We examine the significance of self-discovery and understanding how we function in various aspects of our lives. By recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, we can invite more positive experiences and let go of things that do not serve us well. This awareness helps us manage our energy and set boundaries to maintain a healthy space for ourselves and others. In both personal and professional settings, it is crucial to work with people who share a commitment to self-growth and responsibility, as this fosters a supportive and collaborative environment’

(0:46:56) – Relationship With Asking and Receiving Help (5 Minutes)
We dive into the topic of asking for help and how it relates to personal responsibility and vulnerability. The importance of being proactive and taking charge of our own time and needs in various situations is discussed, as well as how this mindset can contribute positively to a community. Additionally, we explore the relationship with asking for and receiving help, acknowledging that it can be a challenge but is essential for growth and fostering trust within relationships’

(0:51:58) – Receiving and Asking for Help Graciously (10 Minutes)
We explore the challenges of asking for and receiving help, as well as the importance of energy management. Acknowledging that it can be difficult to accept help due to societal conditioning that views it as a sign of weakness, we discuss the need to uncondition ourselves and others to receive help graciously. By recognizing that asking for help is a necessary part of life, we can focus on what truly matters and make a greater impact on those around us. We also touch on the value of constructive criticism and feedback in business, emphasizing that it’s not personal, but rather an opportunity for growth and improvement.

(1:02:11) – Receiving Help and Knowing Your Limits (10 Minutes)
We continue our conversation on personal evolution, focusing on the importance of self-discovery and discernment when seeking help from others. We discuss the power of being part of a supportive and empathetic community, where members genuinely care for one another and offer valuable insights. By observing how others respond to assistance and paying attention to our own feelings, we can determine whether a space is safe and beneficial for our growth. We also emphasize the significance of knowing our limits, having the courage to step back, and taking time to process new information.

(1:12:19) – Navigating Eclipse Season (9 Minutes)
We discuss the upcoming eclipse season and its potential impact on our lives, as well as the transformative energy it brings. Biba shares insights on how to navigate these changes and plant seeds for new beginnings without being limited by past traumatic experiences. We also talk about the importance of having a supportive community during these transformative times and the various events Biba hosts to provide healing and guidance. The conversation concludes with a heartfelt appreciation for the deep connection and friendship formed between the host and Biba’

(1:21:16) – Unlocking Personal Evolution With Biba (4 Minutes)
We celebrate Biba’s incredible impact as a personal evolution facilitator and self-care catalyst, emphasizing the amazing gifts she brings into the world. Through her guidance and support, individuals are encouraged to explore their personal growth, embrace vulnerability, and step into their true selves. Biba’s influence on those around her is undeniably powerful, as she inspires a sense of empowerment and transformation in their lives’

(1:25:24) – The Rug of Business Ideas (1 Minutes)
We wrap up our enlightening conversation with Biba, touching on the importance of sharing our experiences and supporting one another on our personal evolution journeys. If you’re listening to this on the replay, feel free to engage with us by leaving comments and questions. You can also find this episode on YouTube and as an audio podcast to revisit the wisdom Biba shared. Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to continuing these discussions in the future.

Okay. We are live. This is our fourth episode. I don’t even remember now. I’ve been recording live a whole bunch of recordings for nourish the risk takers. And of course, we will be publishing this back on YouTube as well as a audio, podcasts. Wherever you listen to podcasts, it is out there right now. Please go subscribe to it. We’ll be uploading all of these episodes this week and having a huge launch party with some giveaways. That’s a spoiler alert. Spoiler alert.

As we celebrate this, but I am so excited because one of my absolute favorite to test people in the whole entire world all seven Brazilian people out there. Oh, I got my arrow straight. We’ve got one of my favoriteists here. So Biba, a top Welcome. Thank you. You are definitely a nourishing person in my life, and I am extremely grateful. Why don’t you give us a little introduction of who you are and what you’re doing in the world? Sure. First of all, thank you for having me. I was so excited about that yesterday, I’m like, I think we have our podcast today, and you’ll I skipped a whole day. I was a day early. That’s how excited I was.

My name is Biba. I am the creator of a dynamic affirmations method. I am also a personal evolution facilitator, self care catalyst, and an energy worker. So what I am doing out here in the world is just being an emotional and spiritual support for people along their own personal evolution journey because it is a journey for God’s sake. And the as much as the we need support out there, like, that’s part of what I do. So I offer my own time, my own energy, my own toolbox, insights intuitive guidance and those things and other different products and things to assist people along their own personal evolution journey. So let’s talk about this.

Personal evolution. Yeah. Let’s let’s talk about this. What is a personal evolution? I think you’re gonna ask a question. Yeah. Of course. You know, of I mean, of course, personal evolution often gets confused with personal growth. So I’ll talk about it in as I’m talking about personal personal growth as well. So personal growth is about becoming a better person usually to do something. So you’re increasing your knowledge and your understanding. You are learning new skills. You are changing your habits around and and those types of things in order to become a better version of yourself, whereas personal evolution is a bit more deeply more deep profound type of transformative process of change. So that could be a spiritual awakening. It could be some kind of dynamic shift that you’re making into the way that you are as an individual, more around who you are being. It could involve some kind of shift around your values, your personal beliefs, perspectives that have the ability to really, like, completely change who you are as a person.

And it is also a journey It’s a journey of self discovery. It’s a journey of self acceptance and realization, acknowledgement, and and all of that. And even though it sounds like, oh, this sounds fantastic. I can change my whole life. It cannot it doesn’t always feel that way even though, like, the fun part is the self discovery. Because, like, oh, I’m learning new things about myself, but it doesn’t always come through like, you know, painting and reading new books and fun thing. Sometimes it comes through hard lessons, dark nights of the soul, deep shadow work and things of that nature, and it’s it’s consistently flowing. It’s consistently happening. So as long as we’re here and we’re a bit more self aware and present to our, you know, to ourselves, we are on that journey. Like, it doesn’t end. So Yeah. Well, I know I know my experience with you. I wanna share with everybody.

It is that it almost feels almost like when I step into, you know, like, the personal evolution journey with you, you’re like a tailor. Right? So you’re sitting on their a pedestal and you’ve got some mirrors around you. But you have somebody that’s coming in and, like, doing some, like, personal observation, like, some just you know, seeing what it looks like because we can’t see always do the pants fit right. Is the jacket cut you know, cutting in where it needs to? Correct. But you are that particular Yeah. You’re that Taylor. So you’re going around and you’re looking at that eye. You are coming at it not and, like, if it doesn’t fit right or it doesn’t you’re not looking at it a shaver judgment perspective. You’re just making some adjustments and some changes. Like, how does this feel? How does this feel? And then, you know, putting in some pins and then saying, okay, walk around, let me know what that’s like, without doing and then and then we work on, like, the sewing. Right? Then we work on the actual tailoring of it, but a lot of it is like testing. You always kind of say, like, how does that feel for you? Like, what is it? What’s going on?

And I you know, it it’s interest staying for a person like me who’s who’s very unaware. I tend to float through life without kind of really thinking about things. I know that I have impact. I know that I have but I’m very detached from all of it. And it’s been really interesting with you being able to not only feel an attack attachment to the things that I’m doing, the things that I’m creating. And I know I know that this is an ongoing thing for you because you’re always like, do you hear what this person is saying you. Do you actually because you really do check it. And you know that, you know, sometimes I’m just like, yeah. I’m not. And then you, like, check-in in an extra days. Like, did you hear this? Like, did you actually, like, input this and integrate it?

And it’s so powerful to have someone to do that outside of your own head. Outside of your it’s so completely nourishing. It’s so completely just rejuvenating, having someone be that you know, close to you, but also outside of you. Right? You don’t have you you have nothing to win or lose if I make those changes. I got a dog and a fight. Right? You’re just there as a casual observer and this, like, person who’s invested, but not you know, you’re not living my life. So you come in there and you just surround me with your energies, surround me with that check-in point. Which I think is just absolutely like like I can’t stress enough how important that is to have somebody like that in your life. Whether it be a friend or relative or someone that you hire, that you bring in, and have that as a sounding board and also just that person who’s reflecting back the fit. Right? The fit.

You know, as it’s fitting, it’s just working, how does this look, how does it feel, how are you moving in it? You know, and that’s that’s the thing too is when you make this personal evolution journey, how do you do the future moves in it? Right? It isn’t just that moment. No. No. It isn’t. How you how you take that learning? Tell me about that about that because I know you have lots to say about kind of moving along with what you learn in the personal evolution and then input that into the journey? Oh, absolutely. Again, it’s it’s it’s ongoing. So in the moment, it could feel like, oh, this is a little tight. This is a little I’m not really sure.

And you’re coming at, you know, this the new horizons and things of your life with old information, like what you’re familiar with, what you’re comfortable with, and as you’re starting to grow, you’re starting to learn, you’re starting to become more aware, you’re starting to listen and recognize certain patterns and just allowing those things to kind of like, you’re not reacting to the things that you’re thinking. You’re not reacting in the way that you did before. You’re able to have a pause. Like, that beautiful pause in between an action or a reaction. It’s usually the place where personal evolution definitely shows up in the little small areas in your life. And so those things are gonna constantly change. You’re gonna constantly get more information. You’re gonna constantly see how oh, well, I would have reacted to this this way before, but I’m able to see things a little bit differently. I know how to investigate it a little bit more now. I know how to look at the whole picture or as much of the whole picture as I possibly can as opposed to just straight forward. And it’s it’s like a new understanding. And the more that we live, the more we continue to evolve.

So it’s never just the past fit right now and so you’ve got pants for life. Like, no. No. No. They will get old and ratty. They will shred. Those things will pop. You will need new pants. You will love this color and then it’s a new season and you’re like, you know, mom is is out now. I’m ready for blue. You know what I mean? So it it’s time stupidly changing. Yeah. My skin no longer enjoys move. You may move along because we’re we’re in the pastel season. The the big deal era. Yeah. I love it.

So, you know, why why do people come to this? Like, why do people come to, like, this part where they’re like, okay. It’s time for my personal evolution to have to have my focus Like, what’s going on in their lives? Like, what’s what are you finding? People are are ready for this? When do they when do they know? I think one or two things happens that they are really looking to level up to a place that they’ve never been before. They are like, this is the “quan”, and I know I can get there, but I recognize that with my peers with my my my stuff. With all of my stuff, this is gonna be a hard road to home. I’m gonna have to move boulders and mount in order to get there, but it is so important. It’s a big part of my destiny. It’s a part of my purpose. It’s a part of why I’m here. I know this is what’s happening. So I’m willing to do those things in order to get there.

But you also recognize that there is I don’t wanna say easier. Sometimes it there’s ease involved as opposed to it being easier. There’s another way to do things. Maybe something where you’re looking to flow more. So it doesn’t feel like with everything that you have to do, it’s like a fight. You know what I mean? Yeah.

So it’s it’s like I’m able to see things a little bit differently. I’m able to see where I need to pivot and where I need to change and where I need to slow down or take a breather and those kinds of things. Like, usually, like, the one thing that I see is when people are trying to get to, like, that thing up there, like, off in the distance. Or the other one is that they’ve had a really, really rough time, a really rough experience. They’ve gotten to a point in their life where they’re just like, I cannot cannot continue to do this. Mhmm. And I am making a commitment to myself that I won’t have an experience like this again, or I’m tired of feeling like this and I need something else. Correct. I need things to be completely one eighty type change. Mhmm. And I’m looking to do what is necessary an order for that to happen. So in both cases, it’s a commitment to yourself. Yeah. Right. Yeah. So it it just looks different. Yeah. But ultimately that’s the baseline.

You know, I think about, like, how you and I met. We met enough like a Facebook group. And I don’t even know, like, it looks like we stumbled upon each other. I I joined one of your lives in the group, and I think you were doing EFT at the time. And, you know, it was interesting because there was like a group of people in the chat that really showed up for everybody and, like, we kind of all commented and I just sort of fell into it. Like, I just tumbled all the time I was in there. And it was interesting because I didn’t have to do a lot in order for people to start recognizing me and acknowledging me and being and tagging me in their lives, and it was really an interesting, I think, introduction because I think up until that point, I I I haven’t really had, like, really great deep relationships, like, where I’ve just really stepped in and allowed myself to be nourished and allowed myself to be you know, like, tagged and invited in.

I’ve just kind of always been on the outside. Right? And it’s just like if it happened to happen, but I didn’t, like, pursue it. And with that group and you in particular because you’ve definitely led the charge in that tagging me and bringing in. It was like it was like a shift happen because I was like, wait a second. I actually can be a part of a community. I can be a part of a really cool group of people that are showing up for each other. And being really supportive and just like celebrating the heck out of each other without really any, like, roles, requirements, like, rest worry about reciprocity. It was just like, if you can make it Thursday night, we’re all just gonna get together and, you know, toss some cards or do some EFT or whatever. Right? Like, it was just so relaxing and so, like, like, I could finally drop some of those expectations that I needed to uphold within a relationship.

And, you know, as I started to get to me more, I mean, definitely, you’re that kind of person you’re just really inviting. And I I love how you are in the catalyst. Like, you’re, like, the like, you’re the chief well co officer in the in the catalyst, the chief confetti officer. Right? You’re right in there. And just making people feel really welcome. And I think like, when I think of, like, nourishment, when I think of nurturing, not just, like, not just welcoming people. But letting people be welcomed is a skill. Letting people be welcomed. Right? It’s not just like a throwing in and being like figure yourself, letting them be welcomed, letting them be celebrated. Letting them be really seen and heard and you’re incredible at that. Tell me about how you feel about that. Like, why do you do that? Does that come about? Like, what’s that skill? Like, have you always been like that? Or is that something that you’ve also been cultivating? Oh my god. I feel like I’m getting ready to cry because I haven’t thought of that until just now.

I think that I’m a seer. And in so many senses of the word and really part of what makes, like, my gift work. What makes me work is that I want people to be mean, like, I see you. And so when I’m welcoming people, it’s like I see you. You’re here. Welcome. So happy that you’re here, like, your new addition, your new energy, your your, you know, new knowledge, new all of the things and I want people to, like, wreck to to see and recognize that I’ve seen them or that they have been seen. Because I know how it feels, you know, not to be me. You know? I know how it feels. Hey, Laura. I know how to see how it feels, you know, not to be acknowledged. And that so many people but we we need that, and it’s a way for us to connect with each other.

I mean, I think that it’s very easy to kinda just be, you know, behind the curtains and just kinda doing stuff in on the clop of darkness. But then when you come out, like, oh, someone noticed, you know, like, there is beauty in that. And so when I was in, it was the wool collected. It was amazing group. That’s what the premise of that they have it open on Thursdays for everybody to go live and share their gifts. And it was life changing for so many people who really use that as an opportunity. And so many great connections were made. And part of what I I mean, I kinda took some of what they what the purpose of that was, which is when you decided to go live, like, we wanna hear you, we wanna see you, we wanna feel your energy. Everyone here is talented. Everyone here is gifted. Everyone here has something amazing to offer and you’re important. You’re all important.

So it’s not easy to get on camera and talk to a group of people you’ve never met, and it’s a vulnerable experience. And so kinda, like, the kid that comes into a class, like, for the first time. And it’s, like, alright. Can’t stop, you know, doing whatever you’re doing. This is Jassy. He’s new. And it’s like that that fear, that vulnerability, that I’m out here, does anybody really see me? Are they willing to connect? And so that’s just a, like, really really important to me. I don’t I’ve never thought about it, but it’s what what I do because it is important. So thank you for even saying that because I didn’t even see that until just now. Yeah. You are definitely and and when you talk about, like, seeing people.

I think this is really interesting. It’s something I wanna I wanna point out. It isn’t just like the good shit. Okay? Is like, honestly, like, the the ability you know, when we talk about nursing the risk takers, it is really also about letting your awkwardness, letting your uncomfortableness, letting your shadows, let letting your things that you think are the worst parts of you also being seen by other people that I think is when the nursing starts to happen. Right? Because, one, we build relationships with we know our friends aren’t perfect. We know we’re gonna get into fights. We know we’re you know, but it’s when we show up. For each other even when it sucks. Even when we know the person hasn’t slept in a few days and maybe snapped. You know, like, these are things that make us human, that make us people. Right? And we stopped policing, you know, you have to be this perfect in order to be my friend. It’s like the the ride. Right? It’s like, you gotta be this hike to ride the ride. You gotta be this perfect interview, my friend.

When you start to, like, let people see you when you’re not the greatest too, that is nourishing. Like, that is letting and then letting someone, like, Biba, see you in that moment. You you’re still recognized as a whole person. You’re recognized as a person being in the world. And I can’t think of another greater, you know, achievement is being seen like that is is really being in your moment. We talk about authenticity and being vulnerable and all that stuff is manufactured. It’s showing up when you haven’t slapped or you don’t feel well and letting other people still see you and know that you are a whole person and have value even if you can’t be an active contributor in any way. Just you being there is is phenomenal. And Biba sees that. So Biba even knows when, like, I’m a little shit.

Biba will come at you know, she she does this we have in the create their own catalyst. She has gifts. We have the gift of gifting. And Biba is the queen of it, the grand puga of gifting. Basically, if you’re doing something that you know, you shouldn’t be doing. We have this little thing called hashtag don’t help me, but and it already is that, Allison and I are leaving little little Easter eggs. You’ll just all of us doing something, minding your own business. All of a sudden, you’re gonna see, don’t tell Biba because we’re out there doing stuff we shouldn’t be doing.

The thing is is that people will do these, like, loving gifts. I mean, sometimes they’re they’re a serious side eye, you know, like, if if she’s pulling the Oprah gift out. Oh, yes. Run. Right? But, you know, it is it’s one of those things where, again, you’re still showing that you’re seeing us. You’re hearing us. You’re still standing by us even when, you know, it just feels Iky. You know? And I think this is something that that’s a gift. You know, and you have that. And I I I love it. I I don’t always read comments in here, but L’Oreal’s and says L’Oreal’s so beautiful seeing Biba.

Where she is now. She was a whole other person when I first got to know her. She’s a testament of what she teaches. It’s be yeah. You’re on your own personal evolution. Right? Like, you’re baby. You’re not out there going, hello. I figured it all out. Come here. No. You’re, like, arms hand in. Like, let’s go. Like, choppy is we’re going personal evolution shopping kind of thing. Right? Like yeah. So talk about that. Like, what what’s your personal evolution been like? Okay. That’s what we’re doing. That’s what we’re doing. I shouldn’t know. Oh my gosh.

My personal evolution has been ish, it has been a roller coaster. It is a roller coaster. I can’t get off of. I’ve been asking them to stop the ride for years now, and they’re just like, no. Let’s go faster. Let’s make the highs really high. Let’s make the lunch. I can’t stop this. Right. Right. Oh, god. I forgot you were on it. Like, my bad. Like, that guy left. He’s no longer looking forward to that. Pain. Sorry. Right. He never returned for blood. He he got fired. We we didn’t realize we were on it. So yeah. No.

The my journey has been something else entirely. And I’ve tried to be really honest about what it looks like. Like, I will I’ve rolled on here in tears. I’ve rolled on here in the middle of, you know, some really dark moments dark personal moments I wrote on here, you know, after a walk. Like, I’m still in the park sweating. You know, like, the the do rag on all the whole thing. Like, it is. It’s been freaking work. It’s been freaking work.

And I mean, again, it started with a commitment to myself, and It’s so funny that you have this when you when you make this commitment like you have maybe a general idea of what you would like to see. Oh, I would like to feel better about myself. I would like to feel more confident. I would like to show up more. I would like to be to feel more confident on camera. I would like to be successful in my business. I would like to find a loved partnership or, you know, these kinds of things.

Do you think that when you make these commitments and you start to change habits and all the other things, that this is what you’re going to see and it’s just gonna be, oh, again, don’t wanna use the word easy because I don’t think anybody makes a commitment like that. It’s like, this is gonna be easy. Yeah. It’s just it’s just not. But I think that we believe that there is an end, and I think that we believe that at the we’re going to get the prize, the gold coin or, you know, treasure box and all these other things.

And that has it has not been so evident in that way. There there’s been a number of prizes, but they don’t look like what I thought they would look like. Like, at all. They don’t feel like how I thought that they would feel. And it’s because at the time that I made the commitment and I said, I do not wanna feel like this. I do not want my life to be like this. I had no idea you, like, what was possible for me. It’s it’s, like, reading a lot of these authors, these self help leaders, and whatnot.

And then it’s, like, oh, you feel positive about yourself. Positive things will happen in your life. You’re like, that sounds wonderful, but I don’t see how it could be like that. And I don’t know what that’s gonna look like for me. Like, I know what I’m used to. I know the devil I’m used to. I know the people I’m around. I know what my personal lived experience has been. I know what I see. I know where I am.

So if I’m thinking about all of this amazing stuff that I want, like, I can’t picture myself there, but I’m committing to myself in a sense that I want something better than what I have now. Mhmm. And so if I would have known that what I’ve gained from making this commitment to myself would be this. Yeah. I would I would’ve wished I would have done it sooner. And I would have understood a little bit more about what to ask for because the other things that we tend to ask for is all stuff that’s outside of us. Right. You know, some some we want a range rover. We want a new house with the picket fence. We want Idris Elba or Jason Momoa. Lord. Jesus. Like, we want we want my god.

I think I just saw something on Instagram and they had the music playing and he was wet and he had the pants on and the tattoos and he had the It Yeah. Have you seen him fishing? No. There’s a video of him fishing. Yeah. And he’s wearing some traditional garb that maybe gets blown up in the wind. I’m just saying, we’re just saying, need to And this I don’t wanna objectify anyone. I’m just saying it was a beautiful view of some I was just, you know, beautiful beautiful people. Beautiful people in the world who are out there just absolutely sharing everything that is beautiful about them. And I want to celebrate it. That’s a good thing. Absolutely. Yeah.

We can’t use JSON though. We can’t we can we can wish that someone sends us a link to that video, which I will happily do. I need to mean the best bet. Like, you know, we can’t wish for Jason. We can’t wish for Idris. He seems to be in a in a loving committed relationship. And, you know, like, Very true. Very nice. Extraordinary woman. So Right. Right. But, you know, we we are wanting these all this external stuff. We wanna be smaller. We wanna look younger. We want long term hair. We want strained watery. We want all this money. And So when we’re we’re committing to ourselves and we’re saying, like, this is what I want. It’s all stuff outside of you. It always almost always is.

No one is asking floor a deep profound sense of peace. You know? Nobody’s asking for the hat. Nobody wants internal peace, but it is brick and priceless. Yeah. You may legitimately hit. They’re like, let me see. Jason Momoa or deep internal peace. Every day.

Well, I was like, we bring that Genie pops out. He’s like, he got three wishes. And he was like, you know, one of them could be and you’re like, oh, I’m gonna go with the deep internal sense of peace. Like, I’m just gonna go with his admin, please. And then Gini would be like, But you don’t want to make You don’t want money in your bank account. You’re like contentment. I would just like a little bit of contentment, please. Right. Right. Maybe contentment and to be able to walk in high heels without falling. Well, can you give me the lady got got heel walking ability, please? Absolutely. Me. But yeah. We’re not asking for we’re not asking for personal path. We’re just asking for a deep sense of of awareness of who we are. We’re not asking for us to prioritize ourselves in, you know, in the biggest way possible in all of the things we’re not asking for. That level of self awareness that you can finally see yourself, you know, in a particular way and understand why you operate the way that you do. Like, we’re not asking for that. Okay. Thank you.

On my show, and I did not ask you to come attack me like that. Did I read you, baby? I said, let’s go. They’re just accretion and we’re like, well, You asked me a personal question earlier? Let me just spill all of your inside thoughts out here for this podcast. I see what’s happening here. Okay. This is what happens when Badcock and Badcock get together. So Yeah. Yeah. So you get we can get to you. We get each other. But you are so right. And now, like, I’m gonna go I’m actually gonna take I love that you said this because I’m doing a little experiment over on TikTok with with co-creation.

And now I put one out there, but you know what? It was it was the Jason Momoa of of Goals. And now I need to go back and I actually be like, okay. What am I actually co creating in the world? In order for this thing to happen, the the the Jason Momoa of business goals, we’ll just say, in order for that to happen, what actually has to change within me? What actually has to change with the way that I’m viewing the world and the way I’m perceiving and reacting and interacting with the world, that’s what I need to be co creating in order to manifest the JSON Momoa of business dreams, the Idris Elba of business schools, you know. I’ve gone big, you know, I’ll just say this. I have a big beautiful goal, the Idris Elba of GOLs, but I need to act focus in here first, I need to go, okay, what do I need to prepare? What do I need to co create? That’s what I’m focusing on. That’s what I’m asking, the wish for or the manifestation of the affirmation in there.

Yep. That’s a game changer, Biba. That is a big game changer because I think I’ve been focusing on the what — Mhmm. — and not the who. Mhmm. And, really, it’s me. Yeah. I’m the proctor begin. That’s right. That’s right. If I don’t know if it can do the wrong way. Yeah. Right. Me. I’m the solution. It’s me. Yeah. Yeah. That literally is it. And, you know, that has been one of the biggest, biggest, biggest lessons in all of this. Like, you read the books they say this, like, oh, it’s you know, once you change your insides, you know, your external log of environment will completely change. I’m like, what does that even And then you start feeling it and then you start seeing it and then you start feeling it, then it’s like, this is how you live your life. Yeah.

I think the challenge is we see a lot of these content out there that’s, like, you you cut the rug out of the the magazine, you put it in the bot. This is an actual from Abraham Hicks. I remember she she was flying home and she wanted a new rug for her front I don’t know why this is stuck in my head. This story is living rent free forever. But she she was on the plane and she found this beautiful rug in a magazine. She cut it out and she put it in her manifestation box or whatever. Anyways, so then a couple days later, somehow this rug magically clears.

I can’t remember the whole details of those I might have skipped out a few things, but it was the rug. Right? And so that I’m stuck in my head, I’m like, okay, what’s my rug? But it isn’t. It’s like, what did I do to prepare the house to have the the the rug there? What did I did I have to do some sweeping? Did I have to do some cleaning? Did I have to Did I have to change the way I come in the door?

Do I have to change where I put my shoes so that this beautiful rug doesn’t get muddy? Like, there’s mold that Because in my head, I’m I’m going, are you gonna get that rug dirty? There’s no sense getting a new rug. Right. Right. So is the rug ever happening? No. Because I’ve already decided I’m gonna get it muddy with my horrible shoes. So then you’re not gonna do it at all. So we’re not gonna do that. Yeah. So then I gotta change I gotta change it under the way I come in the door or that I have a shoe rack that’s first things first, or that I have a different rug right in front of the beautiful rug that I get to, like, you know, so it’s it’s more of the the solution, the more the the opportunity for that to come into place as opposed to the actual object.

But did you also hear how much work there was? Now you got a now you’re worried about and dirty. Now you gotta think about where it’s gonna be. Is this the right door? Do I have to now get something else to make it so that this will be an ideal place for this particular rug? We haven’t even gotten to the getting the rug. We you’re in the all of this other stuff that’s happening before the rug even comes in that is the work. That’s unique.

I think it’s also that we focus on, like, that’s gonna be the last rug we’re ever gonna get. Yeah. So we gotta make it it’s gotta be perfect. It’s gotta have the best best rug that we’ve ever got and that it’s out of fit perfectly and that it’s gotta be matching everything perfectly and that we can’t ever wear it out and that we can’t ever so then that’s we’re most duplicating on that. Right? Because they’re moving. Yeah. And it’s like so desperate. Right? It’s just like, man, this is I’m doing all this work for this rug. So — Yeah. — meanwhile, we could have just gone out got a really friend fantastic rug. Yeah. We’re using our front haul and then focus on the other things that we gotta do.

So we also So we also do too much work sometimes in the in the in the co creation part as opposed to letting it, like, be, like, Just put it down. Like, just put it down and put it however much time you have. Right. Well, same as if if Jason Momoa comes maybe, Maybe he’s here for a little short time, but not a long time. You know? Right. It’s not gonna be with that, but then Yeah. I’m gonna walk me a moment. He could be mama mama. Mama yeah. Mama was mama mama mama mama mama mama mama if you will. And Jason, if you ever need me to come up with business ideas. Got you.

But listen, we’re not worrying about how long we’re spending with him. We’re not gonna we’re not gonna say, you know what, Jason? Sorry. This is a long time. I think you’re just here just to enjoy me and for a minute, and I can’t do that. No. You’re gonna be like, okay, yeah, come on in. In fact, you wanna see my new rug? Oh, that’s horrible. That’s that’s a euphemism that I did not This is You brought up Jason, and now everybody’s gotten.

What’s happening? What is happening here? Okay. You take a moment here, but listen. Like, that’s it. Right? We’re spending too much time. Wearing on the outcome. We’re too much time wearing in the thing. So that’s not very nourishing. That’s not that’s that’s giving us wearing ourselves out. Yes. It’s hello, it’s me. I’m the problem. Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely.

So how do we stop that? What? How do we how do we just, like, enjoy the co-creation process? Because that’s part of the personal evolution. Right? Is actually stepping in and being like, this isn’t hard work. This isn’t like, we’re not we’re not creating like, my god. I’m forty I’m gonna be forty five this year. Like, I’m in the I don’t wanna work hard anymore. Yeah. I’m in the Freedom forty five club. Like, I really want to just enjoy the rest of my time here on earth, building, co creating, collaborating. I don’t I’m I can get off the struggle bus and let it go down the block. Like, I don’t need that. So how do we stop that? How do we create that within ourselves? What do we do? What are what’s the what’s this like, the process here? Process.

The process really is around self discovery. Mhmm. It’s around really getting to know yourself. Oh, in only way. Nobody wants to do it. It doesn’t want to me? No. Nobody. I don’t want to know me. I’m a little crazy. Yeah. It’s it’s really the self discovery.

Like, the self discovery process really could be fun. You can discover more about yourself in painting and doing things that you like, making friendship bracelets if that was your thing or whatever. Like, all kinds of stuff comes up when you’re in this comfortable fun meditative space that doesn’t have to be difficult. I mean, there are plenty. Look, you can make it.

I was just listening to Karina on Briar’s podcast. Said, you could make it hard if you want to. If that’s what you need, I was like, oh, damn. That would that hit me. No. It doesn’t mean. I just felt it was in your day and I was like, okay. Like you don’t have to come at me like that Karina, you know? It’s it’s like that’s rude. I thought we were friends. Like, what’s happening here? Yeah. Like So rude. Yeah. What I mean she was right though. Like, sometimes people really do need it to be they needed to be the dark matter before because they’re not hearing it or listening any other way.

But the self discovery process is the start. Like, you get to know yourself get to know how you roll, know how you think, know what your kings are, know what your triggers are. You learn so much about yourself And in that, you’re saying, alright. Well, I recognize that I’ve performed better or I do better or I feel better or I am better when these things happen. How can I invite more of these things? Mhmm. So are there some things that I can do less of that don’t make me feel good. Don’t make me form well, don’t make me enter and I’m not energized by doing that or there’s some things that I can let go of. And so learning all about yourself really like, it’s necessary. There is so much to glean from getting more deeply connected with ourselves. So it’s not been missed. You know, let me just stop doing this. Let me think about this differently.

It really is about coming around to having a different kind of light. Yeah. Like me having spontaneous naps throughout my day. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. People’s people’s really worried about the she’s like, you’re you’re in the room, you’re in the catalyst all the time, and you’re always in the room. Like, do you ever take breaks? And I was like, oh, compassion time. Wow. I’m picking one of your own fans. I’m really quiet and nobody’s ass amazing. I’m probably napping. And it was a little different. I’m like, yeah, I just I turn up the volume on my laptop, and then I just I just fall asleep. And then somebody comes in and says, Marissa can ask you a question. I’m like, oh, yeah. This is absolutely And and Biba I, like, I now know, like, I think Biba’s chain you changed the way you sit look at me now.

You’re like, you’re just picturing me, like, I’m just sleeping in this chair, waiting I’m like a gentle old giant, you know, just waiting in the tree for the for the person to come up and, you know, get some wisdom And I’m just you know, and then I I I gave myself that permission though because — Yeah. — I I I’m a I’m a weird like, if I get an idea in my head, I’ll stay up all night and just do it. I know. But if I but what I was doing was I was feeling bad about that. Right? Because then I was tired.

But now, I just sleep during the day. I’m like, whatever. Then I’m like, my brain’s like, okay. We’re we’ve done our thinking. Now we can keep.

So if I sleep for, like, forty minute blurbs throughout the day in between people and to the catalyst, my brain is happier than eating up I used to do on, oh, you stayed up all night working on something. Now you’re tired. Yeah. Now I’m tired and I’m gonna go have an nap. Yeah. Yeah.

And notice I pipe down on kicking you out of your own space because after we’ve had this conversation, I’ve calmed down. I’m like, okay. You are getting sleep. But we also you pipe down because she’s you’re probably, like, she’s probably sleeping. Yeah. Yeah. Like, you know, a little bit long. In the room really quietly, are you sleeping? Like, I’m gonna send private messages to everybody in the room. Like, don’t you ask her for it? Shut that up. I mean, that’s the thing. But I love it. I it’s honestly And that, like, and my brain loves like, my brain I definitely am an eighty year old man. I’ve already I’ve already reached into that grandpa just sleeping at the, like, the dinner table. Like, this was the you know, and then you have nap and then I wake up and I’m, like, let’s go play a game. Kids, you know, like, that is what I’m at.

And I think that’s part of my personal evolution. Right? Because I thought I had to be on all the time. I had me professionally in a corporate career. You can’t just fall asleep at your desk. They tend to frown at that. I fell asleep at some meeting, like, meetings because it was just so, like, dry and boring. And I’m like, plus I have narcolepsy. So, like, all of a sudden, I’d be like, kinda, you know, Joel’s awake, and that’s awkward. Yeah. Part of that personal evolution was me realizing I was never gonna do well in a corporate space because I like naps throughout the day. Yeah. They won’t. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right? Yeah. So that’s part of the personal evolution.

Part of it is, like, who I wanna work with? We’ve been having lots of talks Well, and I about, like, who do we wanna work with in the world? Like, who do we really wanna step into being in collaboration and connection because you have a very intimate practice with people. Look at them. You have to like them. Yes, I do. Right? I’m gonna be putting some time together. I gotta be able to stomach you. And you have to be able to stomach me. Maybe I play too much. Maybe you don’t like my joke. Maybe you really don’t want to be held accountable. Maybe you want this to continue to be an issue that you hold on to and just you just kinda wanna about this for the rest of your days, like, we don’t need we don’t go together then. Yeah. Well, we’ve been talking about personal responsibility. So and this goes both in in your line of work and my line of work because you really don’t want somebody in there who is expecting you to fix all their shit. Oh, yeah. And you know what? I had to actually come around like that.

It’s another part of my personal evolution. When I first started doing, like, energy healing and work, like, I’m listening to all these other coaches out here, like, let me heal you. My work can heal you. And I was and I was saying that too. But it never resonated well with me. I’m like, it doesn’t feel right, but I don’t know what else to say, so I’m gonna say this. This is what everybody is saying this is what people who are on the other end are used to hearing. And so they wanna be healed. If people are saying, I can heal you and they’re getting clients. And I’m just like, alright. This is what I wanna say.

Like, I don’t feel the same way even about that word. Yeah. I don’t it’s like almost like is that word even is it even possible in certain circumstances. And when it comes to personal evolution, I don’t believe that it is. Howard Bauchner: Yeah, I actually think I think that the use of that word in those circles is rooted in classism. Right? So it’s like come to that person and then they’re supposed to heal you. You give them money and they heal you. Right? And that’s awesome.

Whereas, like, what we’re we’re coming into are done with you, the co-creation, the, you know, the the era here. Were the collaboratives. Right? Were the conspirators? Were the you know, it’s not that I come in and I fix even with it in a business. Right?

People are like, well, you know, what if I need all this mess? I’m like, well, here’s the thing. You have to show up in the room and be there with me. I’m not gonna deliver you anything ever. Like, it’s just not ever gonna happen. But if you’re in the room, I’m in there working with you. And it’s a very different mindset, and it’s a very different intention. And you mentioned right at the beginning, it’s a commitment to yourself commitment to really showing up to being able to know that beep is not there to save your life. Beep is not there to heal you. Beep is not there. Beep was there to be that facilitator, that guy doing what Biba knows best. Again, that you though are the the catalyst. You’re the you’re the person, the creator, the the navigator of your own destiny, if you will. And same thing with me.

I can’t or the business owner that isn’t personally responsible for their own outcomes in their business. We’ve seen business owners that blame everybody else out for their livelihood. Their successor whack their you know, like it’s Right. It it gets tiring. Right? It’s just like, oh, you know, you gotta your it’s your thing. I didn’t want it better. I can’t want it more for you than you want for yourself. Like, I we out of that game. I mean, I’m not doing that anymore. I mean, because if in the end of the day, I’m in the energy management business of myself. Alright? And the energy management business in New Jersey with Tony Soprano. Oh, no. It’s okay.

Energy management business. I’m gonna make you a new like, we did the profit the the profit father, the profit father. Like, I’m gonna do, you know, like, I’m in I’m in the energy management business. Yeah. I got a guy. I think I need that now. Now I need that now. Yeah. I think we’re gonna have a big TV show that’s just basically on these themes. I’m just saying I’m just thinking that’s cool. Into the into the universe. I think that maybe we start to explore something seems. But yeah. Okay. So you’re in the energy management business of yourself. Your own energy. Yeah. Of myself.

And I know I know what it takes for me to hold space for people. I I mean, I have a lot of friends I’ve been doing this for a long time, a long gone. I’ve been burned. I’ve been, you know, burned out. I’ve been you know, all of the things. And I recognize that there is a way for me to show up. There’s a way for me to hold space. That ends up being safe for me as well as the person who I’m holding space for. And that means that I have to have boundaries, and I had to learn the hard way. That means that I have to uphold those boundaries, and that means that there may be some situations where people are just like, I don’t like her or she’s a whole bitch. Because she is doing this or she said no. Like, who does she think she is? So those happen to be some of my own triggers. My own limiting beliefs, my own self limiting beliefs and rooted in certain, like, core fears that I had.

So it’s a constant struggle, like, you’re everybody’s not gonna like you. But you gotta like yourself. You gotta manage your own energy. You gotta whole space for you. You gotta prioritize yourself above all. And what you do for yourself means that it’s good for everyone else because it’s also showing other people like what is possible what they’re capable of doing, what they have a right to do, you know, where they can have permission to do these things. And so I don’t want to be doing any work with anyone who is not willing to make that commitment to themselves. If you’re not going to commit to yourself, then we have nothing to talk about. That was that’s a whole that was a whole sermon. You know, that’s where, like, we’re gonna do this right now. I think it’s I think it’s true.

And and I’m the same way in my business. You know, people sometimes ask me these questions when they’re looking to join the catalyst, and I just know that they’re not ready. I’m just like, you know, I don’t wanna like, it’s a valid question. I’ll say this. I’ll always be like, it’s a valid question. It’s kind of my business to answer it honestly. Like, it’s with you to answer and and sometimes I is a bit jarring. Like you said, people think you’re a whole bitch, not a half bitch, a whole bitch. Right. And it’s it’s like it’s it’s how we’re going to be It’s how we protect our own energy. It’s how you know, when when I think the number one question I get is, like, well, what happens if I come into the room and you’re helping someone else?

What what normally happens when you go to, like, Best Buy and someone’s helping someone else. Like, what do you do? Do you do you get mad? Do you walk out? Do you do you browse? Do you do other things? Do you call your like, there’s so many things you could do. What’s best for you? And their response is how I know whether they’re gonna fit in the community. Right? Yeah. Because, of course, the best response is I’m gonna work on my business until you’ve got a moment, and then I’m gonna I’m gonna step up and be like, hello, or I’m gonna put in chat. Hey, Marissa, once you’re done, I’ve got some really cool questions.

Somebody that comes in all the time. She’s like, I know you’re talking to Tony. I’m just putting my name on the list. I’m I’m signing up. And I love that. Like, that’s their responsibility for themselves and their time. Right? Or, like, oh, I’ve got ten minutes. I popped in here, but, you know, you’re not gonna be right, can I come back in a half? Yeah. They do this all. That’s what that’s asking for help. That is being personally responsible for themselves. Yeah. They do like, leave or storm out and be like, oh, I can never get any help. Like, can you imagine the amount of times I’m in the room with nobody ever asking me any it’s just like — Right. — sometimes we’re in there and it’s complete in total silence. Like, people are always well, I don’t know. Kinda running their business, running their business, Yeah. Yeah. And I think that’s what we that’s what we’re looking for, and I’m being very open now about this is, like and that’s part of my personal evolution.

There was a time where I wouldn’t say things like that. That’d be like, it’s fine. You just come in. I’ll make it work. I’ll I’ll figure out how to serve you. And it’s like, I am a I’m a co collaborator. I’m a co creator. I’m a co I am one hundred percent in for whatever you are showing up for, and I will be there, and I’ll help you, like, build it bigger.

But I’m not there to serve people. I don’t wanna be a servant leader. I don’t wanna do any of those kinda, like, those context. Like, it’s just no No. We’re not coming in anymore. Like, nobody we just it’s just gross energy. Right? Yeah. I owe you this. Well, Nothing drains me faster than having, like, someone say, I owe you something. No. You don’t. I’m ex sing out whatever bill, whatever stop it. Like, because I don’t want that entity. I don’t want that in there. I want us just to to create cool stuff together. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Alright. I’m gonna ask you a hard question. Okay.

What’s your relationship like with asking for help? Question. Questions continue. Relationship with asking for help. I am oh, man. I’m still leaning into asking for help.

There are certain things that I’ve gotten so much better about asking for help around and there are other things where I’m like, nope. I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it. I’ll do it. Nope. Nope. No need. Just because, like, it could it’s uncomfortable.

I think what it is about help is that help is vulnerability. Like, help is is intimate and there is no intimacy without vulnerability and trust. And so if I have not seen enough from someone or in a space where I feel like I can trust or that it’s a safe enough space for me to be vulnerable. I am not asking for help. Just not wanna do what I will figure it out on my home smart girl.

I’ve figured out a lot of my own granted it has taken me so much time, which is, again, when we talk about energy management — Yeah. — like the time that it takes to figure it out for myself when it would be just so much easier to get the help from somebody who I don’t know if I could really trust, you know, those kinds of things. So there have been situations where I have had no choice I think my relationship with help actually has gotten better because it’s been, like, a get down or laid out situation, which I say all the time. Like, you’re either you get down, like, of my own free will. Like, I am getting down because I realize that the universe, my intuition, my personal spirit team, whatever. It’s like it’s time for you to get down. Or you get laid down. And that is usually when you don’t really wanna get down. And then the powers that be whatever come and say, you’re going to lay down. And you were laid down. So I’ve and I’ve my relationship with health has gotten better because I’ve been laid down. I’ve had no choice but to ask for health because I couldn’t do it period. So it’s gotten better. I know it’s gonna continue to improve. Yeah. But, yeah, help us help us hard. Yeah.

And then, of course, there’s the other side of it. You know, what what’s your relationship to receiving help. My relationship to receiving help. That also could choose a little bit more work. Yeah.

I think it’s like my relationship to to receiving anything, like even compliments. It could be really difficult because it’s not that I don’t believe the health that I’m receiving or the compliments or whatever that I’m receiving. It’s just like, how long are you gonna sit with this? You know, kind of situation. And I think we, as people, are off the conditions to believe that help is weak, it’s a demonstration of weakness or or some or not enoughness in some way. Like, the reason you’re asking for help is because you are enough to get the job done by yourself or you’re weak in some way. So it’s like unconditioning, you know, myself and other people, of course, too, to be able to receive help graciously. I I’m always grateful when I receive help.

However, it might take some internal dialogue on my part to be able to sit with someone that’s gonna help you to do this. They wanna help you do this. I’m like, why? Why? What do you want? Want something. Let me give you what you you want me to give you so many what what that was I owe you now.

Like, you know, you start to ask these questions, so it can be difficult to ask for and also receive help. But it’s necessary in in my life because, again, energy management. It takes so much not to ask for help. This takes so much. It’s such a huge, heavy burden to feel like you have to do it all yourself. And if you have to do it all yourself, then what are you what are you not doing that would feel better to you? What are you not doing that would be better to you. What are you not doing? That would be better for you and all the people that you’re meant to help or inspire or motivate or serve in one way or another. Like the people that you’re meant to impact like, if you’re pushing boulders up a hill that it’s not for you to push.

And I’ve seen you in the catalyst like working not just with me, but you know, with Darcy and other members, like, you’re also a co creator. Like, I’ve seen you you know, you’ve had an idea and then someone feeds into it and then you feed into that. And then they feed into it. And it it becomes this, like, bigger, cooler thing than you had, you know, whether you started the idea or someone else or the I’ve seen it happen where you both have you know, stepped into that that role of support helps poor, you know, feeding into each other. And it’s the idea is way better just cooler. Right. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go at ourselves. It’s just, like, such an interesting process. But Mhmm.

And if that’s one of the thing that’s helped me with receiving help. Like, it’s so one of the things that’s great about the catalyst is is the people who were there, they’re, like, so many experts, so many people, and they’re willing to help, willing to share, willing to help you in any way that you need in vice versa. So everybody there is just wonderful. And so the people that come in and say, hey, Marissa, can you help me? Or hey Darcy, can you help me? Hey, Briar. I was wondering if you could help me, Veronica. I have this operations question, hey, Alice, I’m getting ready to do a summit or maybe a membership. What should I do? What do you think when we go into the room? And so I’m sitting there and I’m watching everyone just kind of flipped around with these little side projects and asking whether they are in the room or they’re going to other rooms to, you know, hack inside project conversation. And I’m, like, this is a part of the experience that I’m also paying for. Like, this is available for you too. You don’t have to just watch.

And I’ve seen people in that space, like, you could feel the intense energy sometimes when people would come with some idea and they’re just like, this is the thing. And then once like, what are you guys thinking? It’s like, well, in the constructive criticisms or that had you thought about this? Or what about that? And how did this work with this and what about your own personal life experiences? How how are you gonna have time for that?

And they get sometimes they get a little angry or a little testing Oh, yeah. But it’s it’s freezing. Yeah. It all the time. Yeah. They get a little angry and testing because it’s not that they want they don’t wanna hear that. They don’t want they wanted be a guest, red stamp, go go go absolutely do it. Yeah. Yeah. But that’s not that’s not the space that we’re in. Like, we’re not gonna lie to you we’re only trying to help. We’re only trying to give you information for you to think about how this actually fits in your life. And they may be testing in a moment, but they come back like, I thought about it, you know, you are right.

Maybe I should raise the price of this or maybe this doesn’t really align with my brand or maybe there’s a piece that I could pull out that I can add here. And then it’s like, yes, absolutely. And you can do this. And then it’s like a whole thing. So — Yeah. — I started, asked game.

Like, hey, Darcy, would you mind taking a look at something that I’m working on? And I’m sitting on, like, you know, like, two and a half. My name was, like, I hope she likes it because again, I’m still dealing with my stuff. I want my stuff to be perfect. I don’t want anybody to look at my son and be like, you spell something wrong or why are you using blue spaces after a period as opposed to one? That’s a colored spaces. Right. Right. That’s a blue colored choice. Right. Yeah. I heard that and I was just like, you know what? I love it. Move around. Once we got through that, I was it was silence. We were just giving each other the stare like, I’m like, but there was a reason for that choice. There was intentional, so I’m sticking with it. But I appreciate it that that way. Know that as well. Right? So that’s that’s an interesting reflect the thing is is, like, sometimes we get that criticism and and we think it’s personal.

Yes. And it’s not, especially when we when we’re looking at businesses because I hate to say this to people, but it’s like, no one cares about your personal opinion as a business owner. You’re really building things for someone else. Yeah. You’re you’re getting the benefit because you’re enjoying it, it’s feeling your life, all that stuff. But you’re always building something for someone else to enjoy.

So when you get that kind of feedback or you get those questions, like, why don’t you pick that color? It’s not a personal, like, no no one’s stabbing you personally. It’s actually for you to go, well, I picked that color because I want and and you’ve heard me say this too because people give me feedback. I’m like, yeah. Good point, and I’m glad you said that because I wanted people to be jarred on the page. I wanted you to personally feel uncomfortable with this design so that it stopped your eye. And I think this is like it’s been inter because people are like, wait what? I’m like, yes. So it did what you were do it did it was supposed to do, I wanted to see if you would stop and be annoyed at what I did so that you would actually read the content beside. And then people go Wait. What? And I’m I’m asking that same question. You pick that color, you choose that layout.

Why are you doing it? Because it shouldn’t be just as mindless I put this up. And I hope it works. I wanna hear what you’re doing because when you give me that answer, we’re then rolling that out into a mark creating plan. We’re then rolling that out into a content creation plan. We’re then rolling that out into this omnichannel focus where we draw people to that rust color. We’re we’re back. We’re only making them look at that rust color and know that it is your product.

Yeah. But if you can’t tell me that, I know that you’re not gonna go create it in the rest of your marketing. I know that you’re not gonna go create this the story that attaches people to that that thing that you did. Mhmm. But it feels personal. Yeah. And I love that you said that.

Because, first of all, yes, it does feel personal, which is part of the reason why people are like, I don’t even wanna bring my my little baby here to get ripped to shreds, but you vultures there that are just trying to tear my stuff down, which is not the purpose of it at all. I mean, you know, we a lot of us in that space, I mean, spaces where people who’ve been in business for a period of time. They they have business experience. And so all of us in that space, we are out in the our own respective communities. We’ve seen so much stuff and it’s we’ve been conditioned to think that there are some things that are acceptable simply because Marie Forleo has been doing it for twenty years, or this person has been doing it for seventeen years. Right. Well, we’ve only seen it done like this in so many years. And so We just go out. We pick the colors. We pick the certain fonts. We this is the location for my brand name. Page. Right. Right. Page on Page. I gotta have the curly hair and the starbuck smug in the in the in the iMac laptop and it was back drop of the Eiffel Tower in the back because everybody was doing it for a period of time.

Yeah. As opposed to, like, why am I really doing this? Does this really align with what my product or offering is? Does it smell like this? Does it I remember you talked about this in the room. Does it smell like this? What’s this know, like, what it tastes like. And I was like, that is a way to think about it. And, you know, this gives it another this gives it another layer, this gives it some texture You know? And so when you’re thinking about these things, to your point, you can easily communicate all of this to the people who are ultimately seeing this, who you wanna draw in, and who was buying.

And so I think that a lot of the questions that you end up asking really are to see, like, how much did you really think about this? Is this really you or is this the industry that says, we should use green where we’re you know, about births related things and, you know, and so that that’s really important for you to really, like, be connected into every sense of the things in your business, your colors, your branding, your offering, the word your key messages. Jesus, I hate it when you mention key messages, but they are so very important. Right? So all of it like, if it’s your business, you have to be here with it. Yeah. And it it’s inter because like, I I’m very used to people getting mad. I know that sounds really strange about hearing this is going, why is everybody mad at Marissa? And it’s just because I’m very, like, I don’t part of it is that sometimes we get criticism and feedback and it’s malicious. Like, it’s actually it’s just people don’t see what our vision is, and we don’t like and so we’re used to that.

And so can be hard to ask for help because you’ve had such a bad experience. So I always I always, like, leave room for trauma. I always leave room for I’m like, got a whole couch here. Would you like to lay the trauma? Like, go ahead. Lay lay your bike is Breathe in. That’s right. And we put the plants in the room. If you don’t wanna try what I’ll we’ll show you. But we put the ficus in the room. It’s it’s cleaning out. It’s the oxygen in the room. Mhmm. But it’s like, we’ve always leave room for trauma. We always leave room for previous experience and Yeah. So the anger I’m I’m never worried about I’m just like, let it go. Like, actually, I’m I’m happy. I’m happy when people experience a feeling, especially in regards to their business. Yeah.

But the thing is is, like, you you know, when, you know, he says something, like, the the smell. Like, that’s an interesting because it stops people. Right? So, like, I don’t know what my brand smells like. And then all of a sudden, they go, wait a second. It’s vanilla cloves. And I’m like, your friend’s vanilla cloves. Yeah. Name on. Right? And people are like, wait. What? I’m like, vanilla cloves. And then I’ll go and put, like, a whole visual, you know, perspective together, we’re like, wait, that is my brand. That’s it. That’s it. Right? It was disrupt it just got you out of your head, out of that.

Gotta be perfect. I’ve gotta have this you know, I’ve gotta ask the perfect question. I’ve gotta no. Just, like, show up and be in there. Now, you you know, you dropped a few things that you’ve picked up that I wasn’t talking to you directly. But, you know, I also said, wait a second. I gotta do this for myself. Right? So you you’ve received help — Mhmm. — in that instance. Right? Yeah. In the room, you received help, and you probably didn’t even think about it. I was like, what the do making a note from my mouth? Yeah. That’s received anything. Yeah.

And another way that I’ve received help in there again is when I’ve heard other people come in there and they’ve put their idea out there and it’s there’s some questions and you again feel attention and they’re getting testy and I’m like, I can sense the energy But I’m also like, I went to school for business. I’m a business person. Business is in my blood. Like, it’s in my family line. Like, business is what we do.

And so even though I can I’m compassionate and I can understand, I’m empathetic about how they are feeling in the moment that they’re being judged or their, you know, there’s rejection or their, you know, stuff is getting ripped to shreds. Like, I could understand that. And I can also see why these questions are being asked. I may not want to answer these questions when it comes to something that I prepared But I understand in this moment when I’m seeing it happen to somebody else, like, why they’re questions these questions are being asked. It’s very specific. And then when they’re starting to answer, and things are starting to become a little bit more clear. I’m like, exactly.

So it makes me feel like even if I bring my little baby out here, my little baby chick, Yeah. Okay. Is she pretty? And you got and, like, we got questions for the baby chicken. I’m, like, Jesus. Yeah. What are you gonna do with it once it grows up bigger? Where are we gonna What’s the pen like? What are we Like, what are heeding? How much does it need to be heeding? Yeah. Alright. Does how the cat’s gonna receive it? You know, it comes with the situation. But that means that so now when I go in there and I ask questions and I’m asking for people to give me feedback, like, I take a step back. I have my own little pause.

Like, now before you start to get a little testy about what you’re asking certain questions or what this is about, recognize they’re asking you this because it’s something that you’re going to have to work through. It’s something that you’re gonna have to figure out. It’s something that’s gonna have to be loved. They love you. They love you. They’re not asking us to tear it down. They’re not asking it. They’re asking because, oh my god, you’re about to six seed. You’re about to have this incredible thing coming at you, but let’s just get all of those obstacles out of the way. That’s the way. Just strut on through, and then visit, just be like, yes. Confetti me, please. Confetti me, please.

It’s hard because, like, I’m a disaster I’m a disaster planner. It’s my specialty. I like to anticipate all the things that are gonna trip you up ahead of time we’re just gonna put the stuff in place right now. But people also get, like, part of nourishing yourself and commitment to yourself and receiving help is knowing when you’ve had enough. So if I’ve asked many questions and you needed time to step back, you just say that. You just like and I’m so used to it. Like, after seven after twenty plus years of doing this with companies and brands and people. I don’t I’m not offended. I’m like, cool. I’ll see you tomorrow. Like, you know, or in a couple days. And then a couple days, people are all they always come back and go, mhmm.

You know when you asked me this, and I was like, Yes. But I’m like, I hated you. I’m like, you do. What if I can And my lips dry. You know, and I’m always like, and why? And they’re like, because I have been ignoring this thing in my in my business forever. And now you just went and made me sit on it. And I’m like, I made you sit on it. I made you, like, you know, rotate, I mean, look around. I made you, like, lift it up. I made I’m and I get it. Yeah. Approximately one hundred percent.

But that’s part of being committed to yourself too is knowing that you get to walk away it’s so much, like, regulating itself. Absolutely. And there’s so much space in there to do that. I mean, you could simply, like, there’s an area where or maybe muted, you know, write down your little corner, mute your mic, have your little temper tantrum or whatever you need to do to get the energy out, and Yeah. Or there is also the leave button. You can say, you know, what’s that one? Or, like, I’m gonna go to the catalyst room and I’m gonna go to the cat purring for it. And then I’m gonna come back and then we’re gonna and then let’s go. Right.

So you know, and that’s that is a part of that that too is also a part of personal evolution. Like, when you start to know and learn yourself, you’re like, okay. I know where my limits are. I can recognize when I’m starting to get triggered before I get there. I know that once I get triggered, that this is the kind of reaction that I’m gonna have. So I don’t wanna do that. And so I’m going to put a spacer in between the line that I’m getting to that’s going to cause me to react in a certain way. Mhmm. And that spacer is, you know what? You know, thank you. I’m gonna have to sit on this. I will be back in here a little later on this week. I gotta think a little bit more on what you’ve talked about. Thank you so much for your time. And exit stage left.

No one is if whether anybody feels a certain way about what you said, what you did, whatever. Like, doesn’t matter. You’re doing this for you. This is about what you need to do for you to make sure that you don’t get to the the kettle is whistle and you have popped off to the highest of pop activity. Like, that is a beauty. And this is a space where people are only here to They’re not here to hurt in any way, shape, or form.

So that is part of what it means to, you know, really lean into being helped finding spaces where people care, where people are genuine, where people are kind and compassionate. When they’re empathetic and all those good things where they’re just wanting to help you. And so if you need for you lean in and ask for help even in spaces that you pay for because you’re not really sure sometimes because, again, the vulnerability, all of conditioning, all that stuff, just watch, like, how people show up in there, at watch, how people what kind of responses people receive when they’re asking for help. Watch what kind of help that they receive from other people and and pay attention to how you feel about it. Like pay attention to what is coming up in your body. Pay attention to sensations or stories that come up or things that you hear. But listen very closely and feel very closely because if you feel that the kind of help that people are giving in here may feel a little harsh. Maybe. But in your spirit, like in your body, you feel like this is it’s genuine. Everyone is kind. Everyone is good hearted. Everybody wants to help genuinely.

And it really is an environment where people are safe even if they’re not hearing what they wanna here, then it is safe enough for you to lean a little and ease into asking for help and then having your own experiences. So you don’t have to jump with both of your feet into the waters of Lake Minnetonka to see if it’s what you think it is. Like, you can dip your toes in and discern. Like, that’s a part of getting to know yourself. That’s a part of the self discovery. So you do that, and then you make more discerning decisions.

And if you find that these people are vicious, they really aren’t here to help. They’re just a bunch of people who are gossiping and fees and whatever, whatever, whatever, then you know, like, look, cancel your membership and move around. You know what I mean? Don’t give them anything. Like, but it’s more a choice. You had the ultimate decision to say how far am I going, but you can also like, dial it back a little bit just so that you can make an informed decision.

So that’s that’s what it’s about, like, learning yourself, growing going on this journey, you’re going to make mistakes, there are going to be people that you ask for for health that just really don’t have the capacity, don’t have the capability, don’t want to, whatever, you’ll have do your own work to work through how you feel about that. But, you know, it’s not for everybody to do, but you find your people. You find your you find your safe spaces. They’re they’re out there. Trust me. Yep. There’s a bail world that we often have no idea exist beyond our front door step and it there’s available. Okay. We are we you and I could talk for four years and it wouldn’t be enough. Let’s let’s give people an idea. What’s it like to work with you? How do they work with you? What are the options we’ve got the taste, the chamber, you’ve got your dynamic affirmations. Give us a little rundown of where people can find you. Oh, okay. Well, you can start with dynamic affirmations dot com. I have something called the garden. And in there, I talk about utilizing affirmations in a different way to assist you on your own personal journey to confidence, self love, all those things.

I actually have I’m speaking all over the place, so I’m doing this podcast. Tomorrow, I’m so excited. I am I’ve dusted off my mic. I’m back out talking about the different astronomical phenomena. In particular, the upcoming eclipse season. Somebody take the wheel. The the solar eclipse is April the twentieth. The lunar eclipse is May the fifth, and there is a lot happening during that time. So I’m talking tomorrow. And the salon and create the rules about how to navigate all of that. It’s gonna be really juicy. It’s tomorrow night, seven PM. It’s seven PM eastern. Right? Yeah. And if you’re listening this at any point, just go to create the rules dot com. All of them are listed. I’m sure Biba’s gonna be doing salons throughout the year, especially as we have a clip season rocking the boats as we speak. And so do check that out on create the rules dot com because Biba is creating salons and workshops and all sorts of fun stuff. Plus your speakers, your speaker and the catalyst connect so there’s a great opportunity no matter when you hear this podcast. Yes. Yes.

And I also have something called the taste. It is and intuitively guided ritual ceremony intuitive guidance. Like, I never know what the activities are until I am intuitively guided to, like, you’re gonna do this. Should have something for this. This is what people are gonna come up with.

So this one in particular is around shedding, which is, again, the why the color I chose with with the color I chose. Look at your face. No. It’s around shedding. It is during the Eclipse season, which is going to be extremely transformational, could be very jarring for people. But there are some abrupt endings that are happening for some new beginnings, which is also the spring, so this is the plant seeds season, but you want to plant seeds that are not limited. You don’t wanna plant seeds that are based on the limiting experience traumatic experiences that we had during our far their harsh fall and winter months because the last quarter of twenty twenty two was very difficult for a lot of people for all kinds of reasons not just me, but, I mean, I’ve heard so many stories in my personal life with my friends, my family.

And then so many of you, like, on Facebook that I connect with, and then I’ve seen your post about, like, how, like, prayers here, prayers here, thoughts and prayers, please. Like, it was just a lot. And those kinds of experiences are traumatic experiences. And what typically happens with traumatic experiences is that they kind of layer a blanket over how you operate. It layers a blanket over the decisions that you make. So when we’re talking about utilizing this beautiful well, It may not feel like that at the moment, but it ultimately it is very beautiful energy, very potent, powerful energy during a cliff season and we’re supposed to be planting seeds of our desires, the things that we wanna manifest. We’ve got this blanket of trauma from what we just went through, and then we’re wanting to plant seeds with the consideration of we don’t wanna have this experience again.

I’m only gonna plant a seed to go on one trip for a week because I don’t think that I can be away for too long because of what happened. You know what I mean? So you’re creating all of these things. You’re you’re you’re setting yourself ultimately with limits in mind. And all that does is demonstrate that you don’t trust in That isn’t that isn’t the move. But I get my rug dirty. I gotta yeah. Can’t be too can’t be too pretty of a rug because I’m gonna get some mud on it. Gonna get some mud on it. So it’s not even like, well, you know what? I just don’t even wanna rug now. It’s just gonna be what it is. Like, that’s not the answer. The answer is to do some work around releasing the trauma, the stigma, all of that stuff that occur so that you are coming to some new intentions these new c’s that you’re planning without limit, without worry, without fear, just complete in total boldness. Like, you’re going for it. These are the seeds that you wanna plant, but it’s hard to plant, like, seeds like that when you’re burdened by all of this stuff that happened that was bad and you don’t wanna feel it again. It was difficult. Oh my god. I was so crazy and whatever.

So that is taking place on the twenty second of April. So it’s during a clip season. I’ll be utilizing that energy in this private ceremony. The thing about the taste is it’s intuitively guided, meaning that even the people who get invited are I get intuitive hits on who to invite, so you get a personal invitation. But if you would like to be consider for this or future taste, then I have a link for that. I’m going to have to put that in the comments. I think it’s neon dot l y forward slash the taste. Okay.

I’ll follow-up. We’ll we’ll get that on and also on create the rules on your profile page for you on the podcast. We’ll get those links up so that because that’s an all the time them all the time they can get on that waiting list throughout the year. Right? Absolutely. Cool. So so much. So much lot of stuff happening. This is a good time. It’s gonna be very rocky, but can’t wait. And we have each other. Yeah. Yeah. Thank god we have each other. And I gotta just double wrap for you, and me, and everybody else. You need but we wrap the sentence. We just wrap ourselves up, and we just go, okay, let’s go. Bye bye. Bye. We’ve got tornado shelters, bomb shelters, whole not to Oh, that’s what let’s do. We’re good. Okay.

The I have been ending all of these with just a recognition of what I know about you and what I appreciate about you. So just to buckle in, get ready. And, you know, just do what you need to do to hear this, but I I mean, I love you. I just absolutely from the bottom of my heart to the top of my heart to all around here, just absolutely appreciate you in my life You are one of the key catalysts in my world. You not only stepped into the catalyst when I was just like, what are we doing this space? And you’re like, I don’t know, let’s you know, you’re you’re that friend that, like, comes over and he’s like, I don’t know what to wear and you’re like, let me just go through the closet and we’re gonna fit, you know, no. You you’re just like, let’s do this.

And you I mean, I’ve talked about how you’ve impacted my own personal evolution journey, but when you show up, you show up, and you are just one hundred percent for the people in your sphere. And I think anyone that comes into that sphere and is invited into that sphere is the luckiest person because you you’re genuine. You’re you’re all in. You are completely honest. You are completely, you know, in their best interest, but also you don’t hold back and that is something that is I crave that in my life. I don’t I don’t want somebody that’s just gonna like, you know, kind of dance around the the issue. It’s like, I wanna hear it and I wanna hear your opinion and you have some incredible perspectives in the world around us. But your also just so freaking creative.

And you are just you know, the ideas that come out of your head, sometimes I’m just like, and, you know, we’re all, like, you know and it’s like these things that that you I think sometimes you’re just, like, you let them tumble out. I don’t know if you quite know the impact that the seeds that you’re planting, but they’re deaf currently growing. They’re definitely blossoming that the ficus in the room is you. You know, you are bringing all that energy, creating all that oxygen for people. And I cannot imagine the catalyst without you, but I also can’t imagine my life without without you. Like, you are you got me. You can’t. You’d like start running. I’m gonna be like, I got I got I got I got I got I’m keeping up. I will go rent a scooter to, like, keep I’m coming.

Because I knew that, like, when we met each other in that, like, I was like, I remember saying to my husband, I was like, you should see Biba. And he was like, oh, and I’m like, I don’t know. There’s something about her. First of all, she has to quit her job, and I don’t know why I’m supposed to tell her that. But And I was just like, hey, I don’t know why I was supposed to say this, but I think you have to quit your job and you were like, who are you? And I was like, I don’t know. But you don’t need to quit your job. And then, like, the next time I saw you, I was like, didn’t you just still quit your job? And anyways but I knew, like, we were and you’re like, yes. Actually, I do. Thank you for thank you for mentioning that again.

But it you know, like, that was a connection I had, and I didn’t even know why. I was just like, I feel like this is my best friend, and she’s like, right here. And I don’t know your in in my phone and that I don’t know how this works. But, you know, like, I just I love you. I just you’re you are absolutely just one of the best people in the world.

If I could give you best person in the world, you know, you get a catalyst yesterday we were joking. Because I said I was gonna give somebody the catalyst member of the month. And they said, is there an actual member of the month? Like, well, it’s always but every month that is Viva. But this month, you make make an exception and make it something else. But in was like laughing. They’re like, is Biba? And I was like, it yeah. It is Biba. It’s every month is Biba. It’s just gonna be, like, this little joke I’m gonna create a room and it’s gonna have all the members of the month, and it’s just me like, Biba every month of every year. It’s just we’re just gonna repeat it. I’ll just keep adding it in the house, but it’s it’s a joke, but it’s not.

It’s absolutely one hundred percent of the truth because of the gifts that you bring into the world. So if you are listening to this, it is I I am absolutely one hundred percent please go find Biba. If you are looking for someone to help you in your personal evolution just to explore some of these ideas, explore some of these thoughts, or some of these possibilities in your life, Biba is the person that you want to go see. And she doesn’t pay me to say this either. It is one hundred percent unsponsored, Viva’s Viva is the real deal.

And I recommend Viva to as many people who are going through stuff and, like, Biba. It’s like like, what should I do in month Biba? Like, it’s not a verb. Yeah. It’s not a verb. It’s not you and you Google help. No. You don’t need the help. Like, you just go Biba. Like, it’s just what am I gonna do? Beaver it. You’re just gonna beaver it. Like, really, I’m like, yeah. Beaver it. Here you go. Like, there’s no there’s no point and even going anything further, Viva. So if you’re listening to us at any point, please do check out.

We will put up its dynamic affirmations dot com and Biba. Just thank you for being in the world. Like, holy moly, like, I’m gonna high five your mom be like, yes, an amazing job bringing Biba into the world. And I need to, like, send her a thank you card with, like, some snacks and just be, like, Thank you for Biba. Oh, got me on here crying. I cannot believe you. But thank you so much. I love you. I love the space that you’re creating. I love the just you’re doing amazing amazing important work. And I am just so grateful to be a part of it in the way that I am. So I just You know, eighty nine percent of it is you.

Basically making me do all the things I don’t wanna do and and step into who I who like, just really loving life. Right? I do say that people are like, wow, you’ve really changed. I’m like, oh, well, I actually hang out with Biba. Again, I Biba’d it. I Biba. I just I’d Biba. And, you know, I do I have said that to people. Right? And it’s I definitely do try to give you as much credit as I can because you’re really good. We talk about like people hating you. You’re really good at making me uncomfortable and I love it. I can’t I’m always like, sometimes I just need a hit and I come in and I’m like, Biba, guess what I did.

Then I’m like, well, shit. You a little adrenaline. I need a little adrenaline hit of Biba score. You know? Yes. You know the gift you know the gift coming. I’m donning them out like cars, baby. I’m like, here you go. Here’s April.

A couple of facts. I haven’t even told you about the one last night. And Briar is living in fear because Briar is like, Biba is gonna it’s such a good idea. I’m like, I know. And she’s like, Biba, I’ll tell you later. It is a really good idea though. But This is when you always start this is a great domaining. This has great potential.

And then we tell you, you know, like, oh, no. I see it. I see it. But why? Why did you do it? I believe that you hear this one.

Briar was all ready to, like, be like, to she was gonna put on her Biba pants. And then I told her and she was, like, shoot. Yeah. Yeah. It’s good. And I was like, yeah, I know. I’m gonna have to do it andBiba is gonna beep.

I can hear from you know what? I haven’t seen prior day in the room. That’s why. If I were to think or she would have told me, because she has dimed you out on a number of occasions. I know you’re hearing me. Oh, where do you have something to tell me? Like, the last one. So you don’t have you don’t actually have something to tell me? Yep. Briar’s a snitch. I know the Briar’s a snitch. We know it. We love her, but Briar’s a snitch, and that’s the end of it. Okay. We’re we’re, like, it’s, like, one hour well, literally, we could talk for four hours.

But if you are watching this on the replay, please do post in the comments. Leave some questions. Talk about weave and our wherever this is being published, weave and I will see it. And and please be a part of that conversation. If you’re also wanting to see this, it’ll be on YouTube and it is on as put as an audio podcast. So you can listen to it over and over again. If you need to hear Biba, being in my business and telling it to everybody in the world because it’s impacting you, please, listen to it, share it with people. This is how we, you know, basically, help everybody come along and realize that they just need to go buy the rug. They just need to you know, go for the Idris Elba of business ideas or their goals and just step into it. Thank you so much, Viva, for being here. I I love you. And I know we’re gonna do this again, but yes. Thank you, everybody. Bye.

Biba supports and facilitates the personal evolution of powerful and driven women, so that they may experience more pleasure and fulfillment and achieve wholeness in all aspects of their lives.

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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and forget about our personal growth and self-care. However, taking the time to focus on our personal evolution is essential and allows us to live a more fulfilling life. In a recent podcast episode, personal evolution facilitator, self-care catalyst, and energy worker Viva shares her insights on personal growth, the importance of being part of a supportive community, and the challenges that come with committing to self-improvement.

The Journey of Personal Evolution

Personal evolution is a more profound transformative process of change than personal growth. While personal growth is about becoming a better person, personal evolution involves self-discovery, self-acceptance, and realization. This journey can be challenging as it involves hard lessons and deep shadow work, but it is an ongoing process that allows individuals to apply their learnings to various aspects of their lives.

The Art of Nurturing

Being part of a supportive community and embracing vulnerability is crucial for nourishing relationships. Viva shares her talent for helping people feel seen and welcomed, acknowledging the value in each person’s unique gifts and authentic selves. The power of being seen, not just for our strengths but also for our imperfections, is a key factor in personal growth and connection.

Committing to Self-Awareness

The process of personal growth and the challenges that come with committing to self-improvement can be difficult. However, the pursuit of inner peace and self-awareness is more valuable than the external goals we initially set out to achieve. By focusing on personal evolution, we can manifest our desires and change our perceptions and interactions with the world.

The Power of Self Discovery

Embracing vulnerability and being open to new experiences allows us to enjoy the journey of personal growth and create a more fulfilling life. By shifting our focus from the outcome to the process of self-discovery, we can find joy in co-creating our lives and inviting more positive experiences.

Self-Discovery and Responsibility

Recognizing our strengths and weaknesses is essential for managing our energy and setting boundaries to maintain a healthy space for ourselves and others. In both personal and professional settings, it is crucial to work with people who share a commitment to self-growth and responsibility, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.

Relationship With Asking and Receiving Help

Asking for help is a necessary part of life and is essential for growth and fostering trust within relationships. By being proactive and taking charge of our own time and needs, we can contribute positively to our communities and create a more fulfilling life.

Receiving Help and Knowing Your Limits

Being part of a supportive and empathetic community allows us to genuinely care for one another and offer valuable insights. By knowing our limits and having the courage to step back and take time to process new information, we can create a safe and beneficial space for our growth.

Navigating Eclipse Season

The upcoming eclipse season brings transformative energy and the potential for new beginnings. Viva shares insights on how to navigate these changes and plant seeds for new beginnings without being limited by past traumatic experiences. Having a supportive community during these transformative times is essential for healing and guidance.

Embracing vulnerability and focusing on our personal evolution allows us to step into our true selves and live a more fulfilling life. By committing to self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-improvement, we can create a life filled with joy, growth, and deep connections with others. Remember, the journey of personal evolution is ongoing, and with the support of a nurturing community, we can continue to grow and thrive.

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