Every Monday at 10AM EST, Members of Create the Rules Catalyst come together to talk about what it’s like being in business. Ranging from marketing to ethically run business practices, we dive into what it’s really like being a business owner, running a business in a chaotic world and sharing some of the best practices they implement on a daily basis.

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Frequent Contributors

Tiana Dodson – TianaDodson.com

Tiana is co-creating the syllabus for liberation. She guides feminine-of-center folk to reconnect w/their bodies, destigmatize fatness, & learn about the harms of health as a measure of worth.
Next Up: Fat Freedom Group Read – examining books impacting liberation through the fat body experience, helping change the way we interact and are impacted by these works of literature through all areas of our life.

Alice Miriam – AliceMiriam.com

Alice is a Marketing Consultant, Campaign Strategist, and Event Producer who leads the Challenge of All Challenges and the Summit of All Summits. Tools and events that help you build powerful relationships with your audience.
Next Up: Get on the Waitlist for the next Challenge of All Challenges Cohort

Biba Atta – https://msbiba.gumroad.com/

Intuitive transformational business and life coach, Energy healing practitioner | Avid traveler. It is my mission to assist my audience in lifting their restrictive limits to have a life of fulfillment and freedom through intuitive guidance, energetic support, and training.
Next Up: Personal Power Affirmations JournalThis easy 5-day affirmation experiment will show you a more effective way to increase your confidence that could make real impactful changes in your life. Save $10 on this digital download* while you can!

Ally McMurtry – https://mcmurtryvs.com/

Your Badass Bookkeepers for Womxn-Owned Businesses.
Next Up:
Badass Bookkeeping Academy. This monthly subscription provides you with access to: 8-week Badass Bookkeeping Processes course, 90+ Page Field Guide, Short & sweet videos to teach you how to do each step of your bookkeeping, Twice monthly office hours, Twice monthly bookkeeping co-working with Your Badass Bookkeeper, Community with other business owners, Accountability to create the processes to make your bookkeeping smooth, easy, and enjoyable (Hey a girl can hope!)

Darci Ellenberger – https://www.sweettoothcreative.com

Writer. Walking sweet tooth. Unapologetic fan of human rights.

Maya Gobara – https://www.mayathemystic.com

Spiritual Advisor, tarot counselor, Metaphysical Reverend, Domme.

Dawn Schimke – https://www.leafandpetalalchemy.com

Dawn is a professionally trained Intuitive Herbalist, Dream Traveler, and Energetic-Sensory Alchemist. Diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Dawn uses her own experience to help Zebras, neurodivergent people and others navigate their own experience in the world. Dawn specializes in long-term support for conditions such as fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and toning the electrical systems of the body. Sleep, digestion and pain are all symptoms she works on with clients.

Carolyn Anne – https://wonderandwilder.com

Carolyn turns indecisive and overwhelmed multi-passionates into thriving business owners.
Next Up: Passion Pathfinding IntensiveYou’re a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur who wants a core brand for all of your ideas, offerings and packages. With my Passion Pathfinding method, I’ll help you turn your passions into the business of your dreams!

Greta Lax – https://www.gretalaxllc.com

With a unique mix of training and experience that spans industries and disciplines, an educational foundation in industrial-organizational psychology, a DEI & belonging lens, and a strong grounding in community, I’m here to help you identify opportunities for growth and facilitate the learning and change you need to achieve your personal, professional, and organizational goals.

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