“Nourish the Risk takers, change makers and culture creators”

Marissa Loewen

How to fail and still have fun.

How to Fail & Still Have Fun: Using What You Learned to Improve Your Marketing

Listen Here: Marketing with Delight

The cover of stories worth telling when women speak.

Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable – Asking Powerful Questions

Listen Here: When Women Speak – Stories Worth Telling

The Great Shift with Lisa Wolfe

We discuss the new paradigms in business and supporting the innovators.

Discussion points: Nourishing the risktakers, changing the face of business and developing new ethical strategies to incorporate accessibility and equality in business.

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  • Event Business Owner
    Since 2012, under On the Spot Pop Ups, have lead placemaking & temporary retail initiatives in Edmonton for makers & artists.

  • Business Coach & Mentor
    Over seven years experience working with business owners across a wide array of niches to help scale, grow and market with ease.

  • Business Strategy
    Over 20 years in corporate communications, marketing, website design & usability, email marketing, online ads & business growth strategy.

  • Speaking Topics:

    • Online and In-Person Placemaking
    • Creating Culture within a Community
    • Pop Ups & Marketing Infusions
    • How to Fail without Giving Up
    • Planning for Profit with Ease
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Short Bio

Marissa Loewen is a community catalyst. business strategist and event planner. With over 20 years in corporate communications, media relations, website design, online advertising and social media, Marissa has run her own pop up events company for 10 years. Partnering with global names like Etsy, Marissa creates intentional economic events that spark creativity, innovation and design. Marissa also is the Chief Nourishment Officer and Business Strategist with Create the Rules Catalyst, a one-of-a-kind space that offers unlimited 1:1 and community-led support for business owners, change makers and culture creators. With a combined use of virtual co-working, a private community, personal whiteboards and a growing library of tools, courses and downloads, the Catalyst is changing the way business owners can be supported in growing and scaling their business.

Long Bio

Marissa Loewen is a Transformational Business Coach, Community Catalyst and Creative Entrepreneur. Marissa’s first foray into owning a business began at age 11, when Marissa wanted to sell cold milk and chocolate milk to classmates at lunchtime. With permission from Marissa’s grade school, a janitor’s closet was turned into a thriving food service business. With a corporate background in media, marketing, communications, online sales and web design, Marissa created one of the first pop up companies in North American focusing on made-local and art sold in temporary retail shops, art galleries and large scale events, partnering with Etsy Canada.

Marissa works with small business owners to create the rules in order to create thriving, resilient, prosperous businesses that fuel the business owner. She has been in business for 10 years as an event planner and 6 years as an independent coach, mentor and business advisor.

Find more about her at www.createtherules.com and instagram.com/createtherules

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