Thank you for your interest in joining The Little Podcast of Big Questions. Please fill out the form below. When I am booking times for podcast guests, I will send you a booking link to select a time to record.

The Process: Choose one of the 50 Questions in the drop down menu – pick a question that stands out to you and where you can talk about how using that question (or a similar one) has helped you pivot, grow, expand or thrive.

During the podcast, we will talk about the question and you’ll give us insight on how it has worked for you. This will be around 20-25 minutes. Then in the last 10 minutes I will draw a random card for you from the deck and we can chat about what the question might mean for you!

After the podcast is recorded and edited, I will tell you of the Go Live Date about a week in advance so you can start priming your audience for it. If you have given me a promo or specific offer, you can start teasing that and getting people ready to get it. You will be given an audio snippet to use in your marketing.

Please make sure you are in a quiet space with no interruptions for about 45 minutes. You will be sent more information and instructions on joining when you are asked to book. Please note that due to recording quality or time limits, your entire recording may not be used.