Create the Rules


Creating a Business Community
that Thrives Together

The Catalyst opens as the Catalyst in October 2021. With 92 business owners, change makers and culture creators coming into the community to build a new type of community where we can discuss the REAL obstacles and opportunities facing business owners – both brick and mortar and digital.

Combining new technologies, members get access to innovative new ways to co-work virtually, get on-demand coaching, mentorship and idea curation when they need it most at a price that fits into the business builder’s budget.

But we are not stopping there. Business owners need ongoing support, dynamic collaborations,

planning, and solid proven advice so they can move forward confidently in their growth. As we move forward and expand our membership, we will bbe able to add in new features, more guest experts and more technology to help accelerate business growth for business owners.

Together – we create the rules.

Features That Matter

The Tools, Support and Community that Nourish Thriving Businesses

The Roadmap

100-500 Members – ( Where we are now)

Collaboration + Creation

500-1000 Members

  • This phase we will be introducing our Expert Program. Trusted experts will lead conversations in the community, host workshops and be able to assist members.
  • We also will bring in the Social Accelerator idea curation sessions, monthly group planning sessions where we harness the power of the community to create bold, powerful moves that accelerate businesses with ease.
  • Monthly Workshops to help you develop your existing skills and develop new ones.
  • Expanded timezones with more international trusted moderators
  • Private events, socials and collaboration sessions.
  • Online Profit Plan Calculators, customizable templates and swipe files for you to build your business with.

24/7 Virtual Community

2500+ Members

Imagine coming into an existing virtual campus where you can have your own office, join a co-working pod, join a live brainstorming session, host or attend one of 6 classes or workshops available during the day. Meet new people in the community and get on-demand real-time connection, collaboration and co-creation with other business owners around the world. Build your own community within our campus creating an income stream on site – from products to services, build relationships with other Accelerators like you – the culture creators, change makers and community builders around the world.

  • Members would be able to earn additional income teaching live classes or selling products and services across the community.
  • Choose from silent or available-to-chat co-working groups

  • Host your own communities

  • Special access to community lead events & conferences

  • Community shared services like VAs, Website Tech Support & more

Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

We are growing weary of the 10X 100X crowd focused more on paying themselves & their shareholders instead of building thriving teams and investing in the communities we serve. We are creating a community of business owners and their teams to create a new economy of ease without exploitation. Where we are growing and expanding as we need to and not just to add another growth point to our portfolios. Where the work we do in the world INVESTS in people, nourishes the environment and creates a new standard of living that doesn’t hinge on maintaining classism. Where collaboration is key and competition is about innovation, not suffocation.

Skills We Use