About Create the Rules Media


To ask the world powerful questions to test if the beliefs we design our lives by are actually true. To ask the questions “What would make this even better?” and “What if?”

Marissa Loewen - Founder

Mission Statement

Create the Rules is about asking powerful questions and creating change in the world. In a profit first, but anti-colonial capitalist format, we create resilient and prosperous small businesses that support the business owner, the employees and the movement they want to design.

Create the Rules Media seeks opportunities to elevate stories about what business really looks like behind the scenes, out in the marketing field and the opportunities and obstacles facing business owners as we move through a late stage colonial-capitalist economy.

About Create the Rules

Create the Rules started as a way to live my life and how to run my business.

Hi, I’m Marissa. As an adult, I was diagnosed as autistic – particularly what used to be called Aspergers. What that means is I view the world through a neuro-divergent lens. After working almost 20 years in the corporate world of online marketing, email marketing, business planning, public relations and media relations, I realized that every year I got the same annual review.

“You ask too many questions and you question authority too much.” 

Instead of letting that get me down, I started to explore what that skill looked like in the world and how I could get paid for it. Four years prior to this epiphany, I had started a temporary pop up retail shop and art gallery called On the Spot Pop Ups. We partner with Etsy Canada and host small and large scale pop ups across our city, focusing primarily on handcrafted and artists producing work locally in order to prepare their businesses to thrive on a global market. A part-time business, I realized I could make it full-time. I started to explore the world of business coaching as well. I wanted small businesses to succeed in a global landscape where we see big corporations unable to pivot quickly and respond to rapidly changing consumer needs. I wanted small business owners to thrive. I see so much burn out and exhaustion because we, as a society, don’t nourish and support risk takers. We want them to invest and do the work for us but the risk takers need us. These are the inventors, the designers, the creators, the innovators that make our world so incredibly vibrant and refreshing.

Business coaching is a place where entrepreneurs and small business owners could pay me to do what I do best as an autistic entrepreneur myself – ask really bold, non-judgmental and completely curious questions that help people get clarity on their priorities, deconstruct out-dated belief systems and create clear, actionable task lists and plans that help them achieve their goals.

Before leaving my full-time corporate gig, I trained as a life and business coach through Erickson College. After realizing my coaching client roster was getting too full to handle On the Spot Pop Ups and a full-time job in corporate – I quit my job working for someone else and launched into running my own businesses.

The last five years as a full-time business owner have taught me a lot, combined with my almost 20 years of corporate business planning experience. There are a lot of ways you can make it. Profit margins, customer acquisition plans, financial forecasting, marketing – all of the foundations of that is fundamentally the same. But how you go about achieving it – well what works for you, might not work for me. So we create the rules. We let go of the norms that have worked for others and as the world is changing dramatically, so is the way we run a business and the way we, as business owners work in our business.

We create the rules to build businesses that support the employees, the customers AND the business owner.

We create the rules to thrive instead of survive.

We create the rules to support collaboration over competition.

We create the rules to leave behind the shoulds and focus on the coulds.

We create the rules to say “What if?” and “What would make this even better?”

Together, we will create a new norm in business where small businesses exceed the statistics and build strong diverse economies – both in our communities and on the global market.


Marissa Loewen is a Transformational Business Coach, Community Catalyst and Creative Entrepreneur. Marissa’s first foray into owning a business began at age 11, when Marissa wanted to sell cold milk and chocolate milk to classmates at lunchtime. With permission from Marissa’s grade school, a janitor’s closet was turned into a thriving food service business. With a corporate background in media, marketing, communications, online sales and web design, Marissa created one of the first pop up companies in North American focusing on made-local and art sold in temporary retail shops, art galleries and large scale events, partnering with Etsy Canada.

Marissa works with small business owners to create the rules in order to create thriving, resilient, prosperous businesses that fuel the business owner. She has been in business for 10 years as an event planner and 6 years as an independent coach, mentor and business advisor.
Find more about her at www.createtherules.com and instagram.com/createtherules


Marissa coaches even when she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. In every day interactions, she finds a way to challenge others to press deeper and evoke in themselves the questions and answers that they are awaiting for. With her guidance, support, friendship- but even more so, through her leadership and example- she inspired me to pursue my mission of opening my own fitness studio and creating the type of community that I longed to see in my industry. In my humble opinion, Marissa isn’t only a great coach. She’s the very best coach. There is not one business, or person, that would not benefit from working with her.

Zita Dube-Lockhart, Generate Fitness
Marissa was someone who was on my radar to work with for a long time, but her books were closed to new clients. I’m so glad I waited. When she reopened them, I was in the business equivalent of the dark nights of the soul – I felt disconnected from my purpose, was uninspired, and really didn’t know why I was even bothering.
Working with Marissa shifted all of that and more. I saw myself, my gifts, and my work with fresh eyes and found ways to shift my business so that I was running it, and not the other way around. I was motivated to start implementing the great ideas I had (but often didn’t launch) and started making impact beyond what I thought was possible.
My offerings changed to be more in line with what I wanted to do, and what felt GOOD and I started having fun again. Both my life and my business are richer for knowing her. I am so grateful for Marissa, and the work we’ve done together. I am forever changed.
Seryna Meyers, Sacred Soul Mentor, Seryna.ca

We want to be a
catalyst for
your next big, bold idea.

We want to be a catalyst for your next big, bold idea.

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