30 ways to make it easy for people to buy from you.

You’re In!

Now that you have confirmed your email, the first way is making its way to your inbox. If you haven’t already, make sure we are set up to hit your inbox every day.

If you’re setting up an email opt-in for yourself, creating these custom pages are an amazing way to do what we call “Warming the Inbox”. Basically it is a set of steps we do to make sure the emails we send get seen by the people who subscribed to them.

We are saving our mail from landing in to the lost land of unloved Junk mail. Sometimes the best written email with no special formatting can’t save us from getting into the Promo tab or Junk mail, but we can make it easy for people to FIND our mail.

Now – let’s head on over to the first way to make it easy for people to buy from you – to the inbox! 🚀

Don’t Leave us Unread in your Junkmail!

A screenshot of the gmail email settings.
  • If you signed up with Gmail – your next email might be in a weird folder called All Mail.

  • Make sure the mails are going into your inbox. You won’t want to miss these. Drag the mail into your inbox.

  • Give yourself a compliment because you’re basically a rockstar building an epic business with ideas tumbling out of your brain that go on to do big things in the world.