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From Surviving to Thriving

Running a small business is a lot of work. But with the right support, the right mindset and the right tools – you can succeed. Even if your goals seem out of reach.

With Create the Rules, we work from the space of “What if?” and “What would make this even better?” to help you design an incredible prosperous, resilient and thriving business that supports you and your personal growth.

Practical, proven tools in an easy to create format. We ask powerful questions so you can create powerful results.

Be Supported. Be Nourished.

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Marissa coaches even when she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. In every day interactions, she finds a way to challenge others to press deeper and evoke in themselves the questions and answers that they are awaiting for. With her guidance, support, friendship- but even more so, through her leadership and example- she inspired me to pursue my mission of opening my own fitness studio and creating the type of community that I longed to see in my industry. In my humble opinion, Marissa isn’t only a great coach. She’s the very best coach. There is not one business, or person, that would not benefit from working with her.

Zita Dube-Lockhart, Generate Fitness
Marissa was someone who was on my radar to work with for a long time, but her books were closed to new clients. I’m so glad I waited. When she reopened them, I was in the business equivalent of the dark nights of the soul – I felt disconnected from my purpose, was uninspired, and really didn’t know why I was even bothering.
Working with Marissa shifted all of that and more. I saw myself, my gifts, and my work with fresh eyes and found ways to shift my business so that I was running it, and not the other way around. I was motivated to start implementing the great ideas I had (but often didn’t launch) and started making impact beyond what I thought was possible.
My offerings changed to be more in line with what I wanted to do, and what felt GOOD and I started having fun again. Both my life and my business are richer for knowing her. I am so grateful for Marissa, and the work we’ve done together. I am forever changed.
Seryna Meyers, Sacred Soul Mentor,

Building a New Audience

September 24th, 2021|0 Comments

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash Building a New Audience - Small Business Owners Last year, I became the accidental admin of a Facebook Group previously sold alongside a somewhat moderately well-known

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