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Profit in your business comes from efficiencies. Learn how to create the systems and support that brings you more ease this year.

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Our weekly events calendar is full of opportunities for you to learn, co-create, explore and contribute to some of the best conversations impacting business owners.


Create the Rules Catalyst is 1:1 and Community-led support in a unique framework for nourishing business owners, change makers and culture creators.

The Profit Plan

The Profit Plan is our signature framework for creating profit and ease. Learn how to use it on your own or join Create the Rules Catalyst for anytime access to it + personalized support.

Private Coaching

Work with Marissa Loewen directly to develop marketing and business plans to scale or pivot in your existing business. This service is for business owners with 3+ years experience.

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So many ways to work with Create the Rules Catalyst - a full service support system for impact driven business owners

From Surviving to Thriving

What Would Make this even Better?

Running a small business is a lot of work. But with the right support, the right mindset and the right tools – you can succeed. Even if your goals seem out of reach.

With Create the Rules, we work from the space of “What if?” and “What would make this even better?” to help you design an incredible prosperous, resilient and thriving business that supports you and your personal growth.

Practical, proven tools in an easy to create format. We ask powerful questions so you can create powerful results.

  • We don’t need to settle for cookie-cutter solutions to create success
  • Neuro-variance & Disabilities impact how you will build your business to help you thrive
  • Our businesses should nourish us, our teams & our communities.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Get the level of support when you need it and how you need it in Create the Rules Catalyst.

Nourishing the risk takers, culture creators and legacy makers.

Building thriving, resilient, prosperous businesses together. Co-working, coaching, idea curation, strategy, content planning, and more. Create the rules that work for you and your business.

See how the Catalyst helps a few of the industries currently using the support available.

What will you create when you are fully supported in your business?

We start with what YOU need to be nourished and then build a business that supports you, your teams and your community.

12/10 worth every penny, give her your money.

12/10 worth every penny, give her your money.

So I talk a lot about how much I hate business coaching as an industry, Marissa is the primary exception to my disdain and loathing 😂 Create The Rules as a toolkit has been super helpful to me, and unlike a number of other business coaches I’ve done sales calls and thought about working with, Marissa *really understands* and respects my neurodivergence, as well as my political commitments and values for my life and how I want to do business, while still encouraging me and making space for me to actually grow a sustainable enterprise and not put myself under the nearest bus out of a misguided sense of service or community.

I cannot tell you how infuriating it has been to have to navigate for the last 10 years through industries and conversations where I was told that honoring my *fundamental values* as a person was “limiting beliefs” or other bullshiterous nonsense. Since I started working with Marissa I’ve double and a half’d my annual income (and the important part: increased my take home) while still being very much myself.

12/10 worth every penny, give her your money.

Past Client

“I am forever changed”

Working with Marissa shifted all of that and more. I saw myself, my gifts, and my work with fresh eyes and found ways to shift my business so that I was running it, and not the other way around. I was motivated to start implementing the great ideas I had (but often didn’t launch) and started making impact beyond what I thought was possible.

Seryna Meyers

“She’s the very best coach.”

With her guidance, support, friendship- but even more so, through her leadership and example- she inspired me to pursue my mission of opening my own fitness studio and creating the type of community that I longed to see in my industry. In my humble opinion, Marissa isn’t only a great coach. She’s the very best coach. There is not one business, or person, that would not benefit from working with her.

Zita Dube-Lockhart


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